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2000 HONDA S2000 LHD/ €13500

In summary

The S2000 is the descendant of the Honda series. It succeeds the sports models S360, first in the lineage, S600 from 1964 to 1966 and the S800.

In 1998, Honda unveiled the S2000 at the ceremony of his  50 th  birthday.

At the end of 1999, Honda launched the marketing and during the 10 years of production, 110,000 copies were built of which (20,000 in Europe and 560 in France!).

It is the brainchild of designer Shigeru Uehara.

The original engine, the F20C, is an atmospheric VTEC 4-cylinder inline 2-liter engine that develops 240  hp  (120 hp / l) at 8,300  rpm  for 236  g / km  of CO 2 emissions . The red zone is at 8,800  rpm  and the breaker at 9,000  rpm .

With an almost perfect front / rear weight distribution and a weight of 1245 kg, it gives a real pleasure to driving!

2009 announces the end of production

The Ad

The model is one of the first S2000s, sold in France in July 2000.

Mechanically, there is nothing to predict according to its owner, the car is very healthy, starts cold quarter turn, very well maintained throughout his life.

Quick history of the car:
– Purchase in France on 21/08/2000 in brittany
-Revision (drains etc) at Honda at 2480, 3510, 14 371, 22 821, 22 821, 32 249, 61 814, 68 868, 102 730, 122 713, 140,447, 152,625, 156,179, 158,966, 161,739km. Stamps on the original Honda service book.

Of course other revisions have been made in other garage or by the owner, following the manufacturers’ recommendation (engine oil every 7500 -10 000km for example)
-Clutch 170
000km -Rappel sprinklers in 2002 to 21 000km.
-And many others…

Recent costs to 210 000KM:
-4 new tires mounted on the original gray wheels in 16 inches (not on the picture)
-Draining the engine, emptying the box, deck drain, draining the brake fluid, draining the liquid cooling.
– Valid technical control passed in September 2019
– Esthetic maintenance, polishing, leather care, renovation joints etc

Non-original parts:
– 4 BC Racing shock absorbers
-UK mod exhaust (changed outputs + slightly more serious noise)
– Carbon cooling plate (to hide the hole between the radiator and the engine)
-Spacer gimbal
-Jantes Rota fighter
– OEM front blade replica
– OEM rear replica replica
– Rear
diffuser – Aluminum
knob – Focal focal pc 165 – Center
console covered in leather –
Bar with spoon

Parts supplied with the sale:
-Carter cloisonne
-Papkins av and ar
-5l coolant
-Bidon brake fluid

For small defects:

-Parts on the windshield, being changed
-Located seat a little damaged towards the entrance because of the
rub -Pits pocs of pebbles on the bodywork at the front, nothing nasty
-Capote restored (small holes of wear because of the folding of this one), phase 1 therefore plastic window, tendency to tarnish with time, even if I never use the hood, hardtop or nothing.
– Some rust noncorrosive or penetrating to the wings, all the car having been treated to the transparent rustol last winter, and never coming out in rainy weather and sleeping in the shelter since under a tarpaulin. The rest of the car remains very healthy for its age and mileage.

This is a very good description made by its owner.

If you are looking for an original model, it only misses the original line output, the price will be negotiable if you want to remove parts. 14,500 with hardtop

Its price: 13 500 €

Link of the Ad:  https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1719445317.htm/

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1959 BMW 600 ISETTA / €10000

In summary

In the 50s, BMW owes its survival to the Isetta 300, produced under license.

Despite interesting sales of a few dozen vehicles a year, the company does not have four-seater models to offer …

Indeed, the 300 Isetta is only two places, which prevents BMW from being present on the market of the popular cars and thus of the four places, most important in this period of post-war period.

The idea is to launch a new model with few means.

In addition, a poor estimate of the cost of production of Isetta no longer allows BMW to make profits.

Thus, BMW declines the Isetta in a four-seater designed by Michelotti.

Featuring an impressive front bumper highlighting the front, thinner amounts and a flat twin 582cm3 (19.5ch) attached to a box with four synchronized ratios.

Unfortunately, the success will not meet the changing demands for larger vehicles like the ladybug.

Produced from 34813 copies from 1957 to 1959, it will give way to the 700 which will allow BMW to see sales take off again.

The Ad

It is therefore a rare BMW 600 Isetta to restore.

The French “carte grise” is up to date on behalf of the seller.

The car is complete with its engine running and its manual gearbox in working order. the clock displays around 72,000 km (45,000 miles).

The car needs a complete restoration, there is corrosion on the rear wings and the seller provides a floor and other new parts that will help this restoration.

A rare vehicle that deserves all our attention for its offbeat and exclusive side!

Its price: 10 000 €

Linkof the Ad:  https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/308697883408162/

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