1998 MERCEDES 4×4 320GE Convertible

Quite rare for sale in France, we stumbled upon this fairly interesting advertisement with a price that may seem quite high at first but finally very well placed compared to the model in question, a 320GE (petrol) convertible.

In 1979, Mercedes-Benz and Magna-Steyr produced a new rugged all-terrain vehicle, named Geländewagen, in a civil version after the existing military version since 1975.
It became almost immediately popular with military forces, also known for its robustness, performance and reliability. It will evolve from a utilitarian status to a civil vehicle, and become more bourgeois in the course of its evolution.

The Mercedes-Benz G-class type W463 phase II was launched in 1993, when creating the Classes it is is the synthesis of type 460, 461 and 462.

Knowing how to modernize its interior and exterior presentation at the whim of its commercialization, with a recent evolution of the dashboard, this vehicle is nonetheless a real all terrain. An exceptional capacity of crossing never contradicted, thanks in particular to a peculiarity rather rare, that is to dispose in series of three blockages of differentials.
Its road behaviour is exceeded by its separate chassis and its rigid axles, which offer great deflections. With the sports versions AMG, the chassis is completely exceeded by the power of the compressed V8 and V12.

Output with a choice of two different length wheelbases, the car is available in 3 and 5 doors. Highly customizable, its chassis became the basis of many ambulances, communication vehicles, as well as for the armed Vatican car known as “Popemobil”.

The model we found is a very nice cabriolet of 1998, a class G 320 GE (6 cylinders online petrol), black, this is a prestige version (electric
hood, black leather, air conditioning, Electric windows, auto box, etc… ) in very good condition and totalling 138 500 km

Its price: €49500

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1935 AUSTIN SEVEN RACER ex works car N0 3 compressor

This different announcement caught our attention, rare is the word, a single-seater Austin Seven Racer ex-factory, the # 03 of 1935.

It is sold with period documentation and an English V5. Ide

al for historic climbs and shopping in the city, a beautiful piece of collectibles.

Its price: 62 000 €

Ad Link: https://www.leboncoin.fr/vi/1476293433

BMW Z1 Roadster 1991

The following announcement caught our attention as it becomes increasingly rare to find them at affordable prices while they have long remained at 20/30k €, this is a BMW Z1 roadster of 1991.

The Z1 was produced between 1988 and 1991, 8000 models were marketed in addition to the 12 prot
otypes. Equipped with the 6-cylinder line 2.5 L of the E30 325i, the Z1 develops 170hp with a galvanized steel shell produced by the builder Baur based i
n Stuttgart. It remains the model introducing many innovations in the range, including the integration of Composite materials, retractable doors, and ABS. This model will remain exclusive because of its price (close to 366 700 francs at the time).
While the performance seemed modest, due in part to a poorly adapted box stage, the Z1 ‘s capacity for chassis stiffness and handling was simply exceptional, including in relation to modern convertibles.

The Z1 Roadster was BMW’s first “big” Z-series. Convinced of the existence of this niche market, the response of BMW will arrive in 1995, with the Z3 much less spectacular and innovative, which is sold much cheaper and in very large number.

The Z1 is still today an exceptional car both in the production of BMW and at the level of the automobile manufacturers in general.

The ad model is sold by an individual, it dates from May 1991 and totals 166 000 km, black color, interior leather/Nubuck dark grey Original, the engine has been revised, the technical control is OK, the bodywork has been fully restored and tires New rear.

Its price: 39 000 €

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Ferrari 400i Mechanical Box of 1983

Another Ferrari has attracted our attention because it is a 400i of a manual box for a price equal to or less than that of a 400iA (automatic box).

The Ferrari 400 is a 2 + 2 GT designed by Pininfarina with a V12 front of 310 to 340 hp depending on the years and markets.
She is the Ferrari to have had the longest career in its multiple variations: 365 GT4 2 + 2, 400, 400i then 412 (17 years of production).

In 1980, the 400 must follow the new pollution standards dictated by the oil crises of the years 1970. This is the most produced version with 1306 copies including 422 in manual gearbo

x. To justify the “I” appearing on the rear trunk, the 400 trades its carburetors against a K-Jetronic injection. It will lose 30 hp in conversion and the performance will decrease slightly.

In 1983, admission is retouched to obtain 315ch. By the way the 400i receives a hydropneumatic plate checker, a more modern dashboard a front grille incorporating the anti-fog as well as a retouched rear shield. These changes announce the 412.

The model found is therefore one of those 422 cars equipped with manual gearbox, sold by Auto legend manufacture, its entry into circulation date of 29/07/1983 so restyled and totals
67 000 km. It is a blue beige leather interior, owned by the same owner for 5 years and is sold with its Ferrari maintenance book.

Its price: 65 000 €

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1994 FERRARI 456 GT

This announcement of FERRARI 456 GT attracted our attention, it is at a rather attractive price although we experienced a time when we found them more in the 30/35 K €.

The 456 GT is unveiled in September 1992, it marks the return of the GT (2 + 2) in the Ferrari front engine range, absent from its since the shutdown of the production of the 412 three years earlier.
Its presentation represents a bet for the brand, the time being rather to the recession in the market of prestige cars. Described by the press as a “family” Ferrari, it allows two small adults to sit in the back, while leaving them a reasonable chest (300 cm3) for their luggage. The produ
ction will cease in 2004, to give way to the 612 Scaglietti.

Designed by Pininfarina, the 456 has an aluminium body whose fluid and aerodynamic lines have been inspired by the 365 GTB/4 Daytona, thus retracing the history of the brand. At its launch, the 456 GT was only proposed with a 6-speed manual gearbox, mounted in the rear position with a limited slip differential, according to the transaxle principle.

Thus the distribution of the masses is ideal with almost 50% on each axle, giving the car a very good behavior. A version with a 4-speed automatic box will appear from 1996 and will be proposed until the end of production of the model.

Camped on 5-pointed rims with a size of 17 “, the 456 GT is equipped, in original mount, with Bridgestone Expedia S-01 or Pirelli P Zero tyres, differentiated between the front (255/45 ZR 17) and the rear (285/40 ZR 17). It is equipped with a system of independent controlled suspensions, according to three modes of adjustment (soft, normal, hard) which one selects manually via the central console. A variable power steering with speed servo is offered as standard as an ABS system that can be disconnected manually.

The neat cockpit is topped with Connolly leather and the front seats are electrically adjustable. In order to satisfy the occupants, all the necessary comforts were present with a standard automatic air-conditioning, a 10-CD loader audio system in the trunk and 8 loudspeakers for sound restitution. The windows are also electrically controlled, as is the setting and defogging of the mirrors. A leather luggage set of Schedoni brand, perfectly adapted to the shape of the chest, is also offered for sale to facilitate the transport.

Generally speaking, it is a model that will prove to be very reliable, with a quality of finishing up compared to previous years and leading performance.

Under the hood, the brand new Ferrari engine, referenced at the factory under the number 116, is a 5 474 cm V12 which delivers 442 hp (325 KW) at 6 250 rpm and the maximum torque of 550 N. M is reached at 4 500 rpm.
Housed in the front center position, this V12 has a V-angle of 65 ° for stroke/bore values of 75 mm/88 mm, giving the unit cylinder capacity of 456 cm3. The compression ratio is 10.6:1 with double overhead camshaft and 4 valves per cylinder, all provided by a dry sump lubrication system with electronic fuel injection management entrusted to the Bosch Motronic 2.7 system (F116B engine) Then 5.2 (F116C engine).

Despite the displayed dry weight of 1 690 kg, the performance is exceptional with more than 300 km/h in maximum speed and a 0 to 100 km/h shot down in 5.2 s. The departure kilometer stopped was as it curled in 23.3 s. Finally, the 110 litre fuel tank allows a comfortable autonomy in the order of 600 km in normal driving.

The model we spotted was put into circulation October 94 and totalled 111500 Km.De bl
ack exterior color and an interior “tan”, it is completely original, sold with its maintenance book and a historical, rather reassuring in the face of mileage. She has
a technical control in order and deserves to go see her if you are looking for one.

Its price: €45000

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Volkswagen Brasilia 1974 / €9500

And why not ride in a car that stands out like this Brasilia of Volkswagen that we found in the ads today? Rudolf Leiding, endi

ng 1970 the management of the Brazilian subsidiary of Volkswagen, decides to launch the development of a compact, reserved for the Brazilian market to replace the Fusca (Ladybug).

The production of Brasilia began in 1973. Although it is shorter than the Fusca (about 17 cm) 1, Brasilia offers a more spacious interior.

It comes in three and five doors. Thanks to the light utility tax that benefits the 3 door, it will be a real success.

In all, 931 204 Brasilia will be sold in Brazil, 133 212 copies will be exported (mainly in Latin America and Portugal).

The chassis of the Brasilia is the same as that of the ladybug. The engine is also from the Beetle. This is the 4-cylinder flat with a single carburetor, mounted on the rear of the vehicle. From 1974, Brasilia is proposed with a second carburetor.

The model found today is precisely a 1974 with its 1600 CC engine, 48 250 KmElle manual
box is equipped with 17 “rims, a 4 in 1 jar and the rear tires are ne
w It has a French collection grey card and a valid technical control , a car that deserves to be looked at. 

Its price: €9500

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