4.2 L, V8 390 Ch

15/07/2005 – 122000KM

Interior: Brown Leather 

Exterior: Blue Metal varnish

Upholstery and Body in a Excellent condition.

Maintained exclusively in Ferrari Maserati franchise.

Buffered Maintenance Log Full Ferrari Maserati + invoices available

Last big review June December 2017 119682km.

Clutch wear ratio 42% done at Maserati Beausoleil.

Its price: €23990


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Jaguar F-Type Project 7 of 2016

The fastest and most powerful Jaguar ever built capable of reaching 100km/h in 3.8 seconds and a peak speed of 300km/h for a power of 575CV Din! 

Here is an almost unique opportunity to acquire one of the 250 Jaguar F-Type Project 7 sold in the world, left-hand drive and the premiere of the series.

The model for sale at International automobiles in Versailles was put into circulation on March 17, 2016 displaying only 12000 km. 

Its price: 185 000 €

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Mercedes 600 Pullman origin France from 1967

The Mercedes-Benz W100 or Mercedes-Benz 600 is a long limousine, equipped with a 6 332 cm ³ injection V8 engine (Bore-stroke: 103×95) Developing 250 hp at 4 000 rpm for a torque of 51 mkg, combined with a 4-speed automatic transmission. It was available in 4 doors (554 cm or 624 cm depending on wheelbase) and 6 doors. It carries the internal code W100. Its engine was also used in the Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3.

This car designed by the Frenchman Paul Boo has not undergone any changes in 18 years of career, probably because of its modernity. Indeed, it is equipped with an alternator (very rare at the time when the Dynamo remains the norm), the air conditioning and a hydraulic power plant managing in particular the power steering, the braking or even the hydraulic windows.
The peak speed of the short version is 205 km/h for an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h carried out in 9.7 seconds.

Production started in 1964 and more than 600 variants were built until 1972. The oil crisis and the introduction of the new class were lowering demand. Manufacturing continued at a slow pace until 1981. 2677 copies of the 600 were manufactured. The 600 proposed to its clientele numerous innovations, in particular a complex hydraulic power plant under 150 bars of pressure which commanded the seats, the windows and the closing of the doors, trunk, and sunroof.

Two alternatives were proposed:

1) models with short wheelbase

Four-door sedan

4-door sedan with driver separation (rare model)

2) models with long wheelbase

4-door Pullman Limousine with two folding and driver separation (with the exception of 3 copies)

Six-door Limousine.

Some limousines were bodied in landaulets, with a convertible roof over the rear passengers. They were mainly used as ceremonial cars for the pope’s use by the German Government in 1965 during the official visit of Queen Elizabeth II. The production of this model had ceased a year earlier, in 1980. Two coupes were built by Mercedes, one of which was offered to Dr. Rudolf Uhlenhaut when he retired. He had participated with Fritz Nallinger and Karl Wilfert in the design of the 600. A third coupe was released from the workshops of Karl Middelhauve – and Associates. Preparers changed the car according to the desire of the rich customers. A hearse was established on the basis of a short frame. This car, and the two cut mentioned above, are now in the United States..

The model found is therefore a Mercedes 600 origin France with short wheelbase, a technology monster for the time.

This Mercedes 600 was commissioned and delivered new in France in 1967 by Count Chandon de Briailles (Champagne Moet & Chandon). 250CV V8 6.3, 36 tax CV. 

Hydraulic Sunroof, Air conditioning, Champagne minibar, front seats and back seat Hydraulics, curtains, hydraulic windows, opening/closing box Hydraulic automatic, rear shelf. 

She has a complete file with Invoices, original maintenance book and the Mirror Journal of May 1998 In which it had been the subject of an article. 

Recently revised at Workshop 600 At Mr Branthomme (Pneumatic suspension: cushions and valves, control of Air conditioning, drains). Car in beautiful condition that travels any distance in a Absolute Comfort!

Visible in Paris. 

French CG. 

Its price: 126 000 €

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Citroën SM Maserati to restore

The Citroën SM is a grand Touring car launched in March 1970 by Citroën. Despite various technical advances, she has a very short career, ending in 1975. 
The absence of a specific motor at Citroën, then the takeover of the Italian firm Maserati en 1968 allows Citroën to equip the SM with a Maserati V6 engine specifically studied. 
The SM is animated from 1970 to 1972 by a 2 670 cc V6 engine of 170 hp DIN (at a very reasonable speed of 5 500 rpm). The torque is 23.5 to 4 000 rpm. 
For models 1973 and until the end of production, in response to the new anti-pollution standards, the engine will be equipped with the Bosch D-Jetronic electronic injection which will change its power to 178 ch DIN at 5 500 rpm (Torque 23.7 to 4 000 rpm) while improving flexibility and c
onsumption. In 1974, to compensate for the power loss due to the inverter, the automatic SM has the Merak engine, 2 965 cm3 in a version of 180 ch DIN.

We stop on this Citroën SM Maserati to restore entirely but a priori complete. The present model is a manual box of 150 000km, there is an error over the year.

The descriptive is realistic “big work to do. Motor Broken Candles. Broken windshield, hasn’t rolled in 10 years
. ” But these cars are more and more popular by collectors, its price is very attractive and its original engine always present!

Its price: €1500

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Shooting brake Jaguar XJS “Les ateliers réunis” 1990

Created on the basis of Coupe XJS, the hunting break of the assembled workshops are almost perfect French copies of the Lynx Eventer produced at the same time. Between 5 and 10 of these breaks would have been produced.

We have now looked at this very rare Jaguar XJS hunting break made by the workshops in 1990.
It now totals 148 000km and has been fully restored in 2012. Midnight blue color, beige interior, French grey card.

Its price: 85 000 €

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2001 Convertible Porsche 911 Type 996

The Porsche 911 (996), unveiled to the public in 1997, is the fifth generation of Porsche 911, a prestigious sport developed by the German Porsche manufacturer. Breaking with a long tradition both in design and in the cockpit, it will be severely criticized during the first years, especially because of the optics of front headlights, borrowed from the Boxster and an aesthetic judged debatable.

Technically, the 911 (996) marks the appearance of a completely water-cooled engine, breaking the tradition of air-and oil-cooled engines. This 6 cylinder, regardless of the displacement, still benefits from the dry sump system used on its ancestors.

After a difficult start in the world of Amateurs, the 911 (996) finally finds its place with the adoption in 2001 of new optics on the Turbo version — which then became widespread throughout the range 911 — and improvements chassis and engine whose Carrera 4s is the first to benefit as the passage of the engine to 3 600 cm3, which reconnects with the tradition of the previous 911 (964) and 911 (993). Delivering a power of 320 hp and enjoying a more sporty and metallic sound, the 911 (996) reminds the previous generations or even the GT3.

Today the first models are starting to arouse again of interest, most certainly the best value for money currently for a certain pleasure!

Our curiosity came to this Porsche 911 type 996 cabriolet from 2001 for sale on Facebook with a 5000 km engine, its hard top and a manual box, judged in good condition by its owner, this car seems to be a bargain.

Its price: €22000

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