1993 Maserati Ghibli /€19900

The Maserati Ghibli II is a car of the Italian manufacturer Maserati produced between 1992 and 1997. It was built at 2303 copies.

She took over the succession of the Maserati Biturbo coupe. Available in Motorization 2 000 cm3 and 2 800 cm3, the Ghibli II has been delivered in several versions.

The model of this announcement is a 2.0 L Turbo of 306 HP put into circulation in Belgium in March 1993 and totals 140 000 km.

The engine was redone in 2014 to 128000 km, the car is fiabilisée and very well maintained (large maintenance file provided), it works perfectly and becomes rare in this condition.

Its price: €19900

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1955 Salmson 2300 S / €65000

The company of “Moteurs Salmson” was from 1913 to 1962 one of the leading French aeronautical and automobile manufacturers alongside Hispano-Suiza, neighbouring planes, Renault or Lorraine-Dietrich.

Founded in Billancourt by Émile Salmson, an engineer who designs aircraft engines since 1908, the SMS takes off during the First World War by having manufacture for air reconnaissance then the bombardment three thousand two hundred biplanes 2A2, production of the first order, whether in terms of quality or quantity.

From an unequalled range of action, it will be the first plane of the future Aéropostale. Starting from 1919, the manufacturer, which already employs more than six mil employees, launches into the manufacture of automobiles.

While during the First World War the SMS built airplane engines, and Salmson biplanes. 2A2, magnetos, machine tools and woodworking machines, it was on the death of the founder Émile Salmson, in 1917, that the Salmson sons took over the succession of the various companies.

In 1919, they left the SMS, and the new shareholders named Jean Heinrich director. The SMS chooses the conversion of its activities to the speed, and beyond the aviation, to the manufacture of automobiles.

The production of Salmson can be summarised in three successive periods.

In the first place, from 1919 to 1929 with Cyclecars, carts and cars. This period will remain marked by many victories in competitions.

Then, from 1929 to 1953 with the production of reliable and luxurious family automobiles, namely the different types of S4 models up to the “hike”.

Finally, the last period from 1953 to 1957 with coaches or Berlinettes 2300s who dedicate the return of Salmson in competition, but does not allow the brand to straighten up.

The ad therefore concerns a Salmson 2300 S of 1955 Grey Metallic (original color), completely restored chassis, bodywork, mechanics ( invoices and an expenditure tracking table are supplied).

Engine has 300 KMS since complete restoration. Bearings mounted on pads, modified block with sealing test (porous original block, supplied with car) and remanufactured, balanced flywheel, cylinder head tested and also restored, in excellent condition, revised Cotal box, brakes redone. The restorations were carried out by recognized professionals.

Reliability of certain equipment: stainless steel exhaust line, electronic ignition and alternator.

The interior leathers are original because in good condition and have been preserved with a slight restoration (cleaning and staining).

repainted rims, new tires.

The car is sold with its original block plus and some parts, technical file, invoices folder, original maintenance booklet.

In addition, a historical record from its factory exit is provided with the car. It is in “carte grise de collection, FIVA folder OK, receiving the card pending.

Its price: 65 000 €

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1973 Maserati Bora 4.9 L / €179000

The Maserati Bora is a two-seater coupé of the Italian manufacturer Maserati, built between 1971 and 1978. This is the first single-engine series Maserati in the rear central position.

In 1968, the manufacturer of Modena Maserati developed the project of a new model with rear central engine, a first for the Trident brand.
She will not know the success yet deserved and hoped for due to the lack of reliability of the elements Citroën, owner in the time of Maserati, which quickly will taint the reputation of this beautiful car.
Starting from 1972, Maserati adds to its range the Maserati Merak, which takes over the body of the Bora, but equipped with the V6 engine destined for the Citroën SM.
Its competitors of the time are the Ferrari 512 BB, the De Tomaso Pantera and the Lamborghini Miura, 275 copies of the Bora will come out of the

factory. So this Maserati Bora was delivered new in Miami in January 1973, it totals 54 766 km (or miles?).
of the color Verde Pino, she enjoyed a complete restoration and was repainted in the red color that suits her perfectly.
Its beige leather interior is in perfect condition. It is matching number with a 4930 cm ³ (4.9 L) engine equipped with carburetors developing 330 hp and starting at quarter turn.
An expertise has been carried out by a certified professional expert FFVE.

Its price: 179 000 €

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1981 Puma GT 1600 / 9900€

Puma is a Brazilian manufacturer of sports vehicles from 1966 to 1995.

The first models were built on DKW chassis before Puma passed to the end of the years 1960 on Volkswagen and General Motors chassis and engines when DKW disappeared in Brazil. There were a total of twenty models, all based on tubular chassis with a fiberglass body. Offici

ally, 21 733 vehicles were produced in Brazil, and 383 in South Africa licensed from 1973.

The model of this ad is equipped with a Volkswagen 1600 with two carburetors. It is sold with a “carte grise de collection”, there are some details to review but it remains a very interesting and unusual car to have!

Its price: €9900

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MASERATI Merak from 1973/€66000

The Merak is a car manufactured by the Italian manufacturer Maserati between 1972 and 1983.
We owe his lines to the designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. It’s a 2 + 2 coupé.

The Merak was manufactured in three versions, each under the control of one of the three different shareholders of the brand: Citroën, GEPI and Tomaso.

It is the choice of a simpler and cheaper model compared to the Bora that initiated the launch of this car, both models having the same chassis and the same body.
The designation is “Tipo AM 122”.

The first version was born during the control of the brand by Citroën, which made the beautiful part to the hydraulics. The dashboard included most of the SM components, including oval meters, the monoline steering wheel, etc.

Manufactured to 630 copies, it remains only two years in the catalogue.

It is on the road a very homogeneous car and to safe road handling. It is lighter than 200 kg compared to the Maserati Bora

The car of this advertisement benefits almost from a complete restorat
ion with-engine remade new gearbox-h
oses radiator new water and clim (with new gas) Carbus and ignition revis
ed-stainless ste
el exhaust-Neuv
eElle paint is sold with French papers and a technical check OK.

Its price: 66 000 €

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1990 NISSAN Sunny GTI 1.8 L Coupé / €6500

This ad deserves to be looked at !

This is a beautiful and rare Nissan Sunny GTI B12 1.8 L Twin Cam in an original condition absolutely remarkable for a very fair price.

This model is a 1.8 L version built only from 1989 to 1991 (from 1986 to 1991 for version 1.6 L) and thus proves to be more coupler and more enjoyable than version 1.6 L

Its engine is the famous CA18DE (engine identical to the one of the 200SX but in atmospheric version). It develops 129 HP coupled with a box 5 for a weight of 1105kg.

In France, it was sold only by a Nissan dealership in Paris. It was estimated at the time that about 200 vehicles found an owner. There are now some sixty registered.

The car proposed here is therefore a first hand totaling only 82000 kilometers!

The timing belt, accessory belts and water pump were changed by the seller in June 2018, there are less than 100 kilometers.

The interior is in pristine condition and close to the new one with its original radio.

The exterior paint as the original aluminum rims present very well.

Like many Japanese in those years, the rear tailgate was corroded. This has been changed and redone by a body shop (Photo folder available from the seller)

With its typical Japnase cars design of 80’s, this GTI has nothing to envy to its European competitors (more powerful than the Peugeot 205 GTI in 1986 !).

The car is sold with its period user manual.

This a great opportunity for lovers of Youngtimers!

Its price: €6500

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