1990 LOTUS F1 TYPE 102 / €60000

In summary

The  Lotus 102  is the car used by the Team Lotus team in the Formula 1 World Championship in 1990. This is a profound evolution of the Lotus 101, both chassis and engine.

Franck Dernie and Mike Coughlan are backing the design of the 102 on the chassis of the Lotus 101, their previous creation.

The most important point is the integration of the Lamborghini twelve-cylinder V 650 hp.

This engine has major disadvantages such as its imposing size, a weight of 150  kg  and a high fuel consumption.

The size of the block implies a very low positioning in the chassis and a large fuel tank. Most elements of the 101 are lightened to compensate for engine integration.

The cockpit of the 101 is redesigned so that the new drivers, much larger than their predecessors, can take place there. The team is very confident in its new car.

At the end of the season, Team Lotus ranks eighth in the constructors’ championship with eight points. Camel leaves Lotus and fails to provoke the bankruptcy of Lotus.

In December 1990, Peter Collins and Peter Wright bought the stable. Lotus does not have the means to design a new car for 1991, an evolution of the 102 is created, the Lotus 102B who abandons the Lamborghini engine for a V8 Judd.

The Ad

The model found is quite exceptional since it is a Formula 1, a Lotus 102 ex Dereck Warwick (GP Italy to Monza 1990!)

It has its V12 engine Lamborghini but the interior is empty.

In 1991 Team Lotus uses it for promotions of the brand or its sponsors of the 1991 season!

Rare for sale, this is a real opportunity to own a real Lotus Formula 1 with its V12 Lamborghini at a reasonable price.

Its price: € 60 000

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