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To replace the Jensen C-V8, the British manufacturer Jensen Motors is moving towards a solution external to the company. 

It entrusts the realization of the exterior design of the Interceptor to the Italian company Carrozzeria Touring and establishes a partnership with this company for the production of the bodywork. 
To fulfill its commitment, Carrozzeria Touring is getting closer to Carrozzeria Vignale to secure the contract. 
The delays grow and the quality does not follow, dissatisfied, Jensen finally repatriated the production of the Interceptor in England. 

For the engine, Jensen chooses a V8 from Chrysler to equip his car. 
Several versions delivering different powers will be offered for sale during the commercial life of the Interceptor.

The Mark II version is available for sale in October 1969, with a slightly revised style around headlights, grille, bumpers and taillights. The interior has been significantly upgraded to meet US regulations and the dashboard is redesigned. Air conditioning is optional.

There are several sales figures depending on the sources. According to Heon Stevenson, 6407 Jensen Interceptor and 320 Jensen FF were produced

The Ad

The ad that caught our attention is this rare 1971 JENSEN INTERCEPTOR Mark II released in the United States. In very good condition of presentation with 60 000 km on the meter.

Burgundy color with a beige leather interior, it is equipped with a 330 HP V8 Chrysler, automatic transmission, power steering and disc brakes front and rear.

Free from corrosion with a straight frame, it is sold with its record book. 
A vehicle in very good condition that deserves our full attention.

Its price: 48 500 €

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1993 PORSCHE 965 TURBO 3.6L 360HP /156500 €


The first generation of Porsche 911 Turbo appeared in 1975, with the internal code 930. 
It evolved in parallel with the second generation of Porsche 911. This evolution has continued until the current generation, with the same major technical evolutions as the Atmospheric model: transition to liquid cooling, multi-valve, direct injection and evolution of gearboxes.

After the renewal of the normal 911, which becomes the 964 type, Porsche waits about a year before launching the Turbo version in 1990. 
This generation saw two different versions:
The 3.3  L  (320  hp at 5 750  rpm) min  / 450  Nm  at 4,500  rpm  ) and the 3.6  L  (360  hp at 5,500  rpm  / 520  Nm  at 4,200  rpm ). 

These two versions are differentiable by their name, respectively 964 Turbo and 965 Turbo. The latter has often been considered by purists as one of the most difficult to drive.
Neither of them offered any driving assistance except ABS, and were strict propulsions with a limited slip differential. 

The 3.3 L version accelerates from 0 to 100  km/h  in 5 seconds, while the 3.6 Lversion only requires 4.8  s .

The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is this beautiful Porsche 965 TURBO 3.6L 360 hp put into circulation in October 1993. 

Light gray color and full black leather interior, it totals 158000 Km. 

Its service book is up to date. 
For the sale, the service was carried out with the draining of the gearbox and the transmission. 

The tires have also been changed as well as the brakes that are new.

Its mileage may be a bit high for such a sought after model but this model is rare and in a very good shape for its age. If you are looking for a 965, it may be a great opportunity not to miss!

Its price: 156 500 €

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The Alfa Romeo Montreal is a sports coupe from a study of Marcello Gandini style, then employee of Bertone. The car was presented at the Montreal World’s Fair in 1967, hence the name of the model. The goal is to create and expose: ”  The massima aspirazione dell’uomo in fatto di automobili” – the highest ambition of the man in the matter of automobile .

3,925 units were produced between December 1970 and July 1974 and marketed until 1977. 

The highlight of their characteristics is their engine, a 90 ° V8, with a displacement of 2,593  cm 3 , four camshafts in head (two per row of cylinders) and a power of 200  hp  DIN. 

This engine comes directly from the Alfa 33’s 2-liter V8, with a bore to increase its engine capacity to 2.6 liters. 

Its mechanical injection Spica / Alfa Romeo AIBB 8C S75 was powered by two Bosch fuel pumps, it is also equipped with an electronic ignition and a dry sump, but lost the double ignition of the racing engine and its crankshaft plan .

A ZF 5-speed manual gearbox coupled to the engine drives the rear wheels via a rigid axle and axle (that of the Bertone coupé, with self-locking), guided by an upper T-arm. 
This box was, unlike the Alfa boxes, very robust. since the problems of sync rings have only rarely appeared. 
In addition, the first gear was in the lower left, unlike the Alfa box, the second and third respectively in the middle up and middle down, which facilitated a quick transition from the second to the third, important in sporty driving.

Relatively light, 1,270  kg  the full facts, for a length of 4.22  m , in terms of performance it was well above average in his day, except for cars much more sophisticated and expensive (Ferrari, Lamborghini) , or the American “muscle cars” with their delirious powers and hair-styling sensations.

The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is this Alfa Romeo Montreal put into circulation on December 31, 1972, one of the 3737 Montreal left-hand drive!

The vehicle is sold with an Alfa Romeo Classiche certificate certifying that it is matching Numbers and colors (Metallic green / Beige Havanna interior)

Mechanically, the ignition, the exhausts, the thermostatic sensor, the silent blocks, the draw bars of the nosewheel and the tires Michelin XWX 205/70 / VR14 are new!

The body was completely stripped to bare metal, the sills and the left front floor were redone. 

The body has been completely treated against corrosion. The water evacuation system in the wheel arches has been improved. 

The car has been completely repainted in its original shade. 

This is a great opportunity because of its sale price but also its external condition (corrosion is the main problem of Montreal).

Its price: € 50 000

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1991 MAZDA RX7 convertible (TYPE FC3S) / €9900


The RX-7 is a rotary engine (consisting of two rotors giving it the distinction of having a small displacement while having a certain power) produced by the Japanese manufacturer Mazda. It is a model of car that will evolve over time and several versions of it will emerge. Thus will successively be born the SA22C, the FB3S, then the FC3S, and finally the FD3S.

The second-generation Mazda RX-7 (FC3S) was produced from 1986 to 1991. It is also known as the Mazda Savanna RX-7. The 13B engine was taken over for the atmospheric models of this car, and the turbocharged models had the 13B turbo (or 13BT), more powerful than the 13B. 

This car has a remarkable balance thanks to its relatively light engine, making a car very popular in the drifting discipline, as the model that will succeed. 

The FC3S is a car that, for its time, was relatively well equipped. It is a car that was relatively little commercialized in France, and even in Europe.

The ad

The ad that caught our attention is this Mazda RX7 F2 Turbo, red convertible with black leather interior released in 1991. 

In perfect condition, it totals only 45 000 Km. 

From the collection of a former director from Mazda Switzerland. 

It is equipped with the rotary engine, bi-turbo of 2.6L, 200ch. 

Ready to hit the road with peace of mind thanks to this powerful and versatile rotary engine and a really reasonable fuel consumption of 8 to 10 liters, for a 200 horsepower sports car.

Its price: € 9 900

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1966 ALPINE A108 Convertible / €88000


Presented at the Paris Show of 1957, the one that should have been called, in Alpine logic, A109 due to the sharing of mechanical components of the Dauphine (type R1090 and following) is an evolution of the A106. Indeed, if the body of the coach is kept, the engine of the 4 CV is replaced by that of the Dauphine Gordini. It will be produced from 1958 to 1965.

In 1960, the convertible and coupe 2 + 2 adopt a frame-beam. 
It is formed of a beam (hence its name) having at each end a cradle that supports the engine (rear) and the steering bodies (front). This geometry will be used until the last model A610.

The A108 plays an important role in the history of Alpine because it is in this form that will be born the berlinette. At the 1960 Tour de France, Jean Rédélé took on two berlinettes A108 (the series model will also be called the  “Tour de France” berlinette  until 1969).

The berlinette stands as the closed version of the cabriolet, however the front with lighthouses is new. Produced from autumn 1960, she supplanted the coach and prepared the place for the newcomer: the A110.

The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is this rare and beautiful Alpine A108 convertible first registered in 1966

It has undergone a quality restoration with the hull (stripped and repainted) and the chassis (sandblasted and repainted) separated.

The upholstery is new as the hood and carpets made by a professional from the originals.

The wiring harness has been completely redone. 

All undercarriages have been sandblasted, repainted and refurbished

All the mechanics have been dismantled and restored.

The car has traveled about 3000 Km since the end of this total restoration very documented with many bills and photos of the work done.

A rare vehicle ready to hit the road in all serenity for its new owner, restored in the rules of art, rare for sale, much less known than the A110 but deserves our attention.

Its price: 88 000 €

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1972 LAMBORGHINI ESPADA 400 GTE S2 / €169900


The Lamborghini Espada was produced at 1,227 units between 1968 and 1978. 

The appearance of the Espada model has largely contributed to the drop in customer interest for the Lamborghini Islero. 

Indeed, presented at the International Motor Show in Geneva in March 1968, the Espada is immediately unanimous in its marked sportsmanship and its line. “Espada” meaning “sword” in Spanish and Portuguese, referring to the sword worn by the matador in the arena. 

This four-seater, two-door coupé is made by the young Marcello Gandini, designer at Bertone. 

Taking as a reference the Lamborghini Marzal prototype he introduced in 1967, the bodybuilder designs a different car by working particularly its aerodynamics.

The Espada is low, with a very inclined convex windshield. The rear window, almost horizontal, under which is a large luggage compartment, further increases the futuristic line of this car. The chassis, made by Lamborghini, and the bodywork constitute a freestanding structure. 

The Espada also has the distinction of having two gas hatches located on each side of the car at the level of the small grids in the extension of the fixed rear windows. This allows you to refuel on the left and right.

This model is a propulsion with independent wheel suspensions and four disc brakes. The gearbox and the engine are placed at the front. Powered by a V12 4l six six-body carburetors developing 325 hp, the top speed is near 250 km / h. 

Over the years, Espada is aesthetically modified. 

In 1970, the black protective grille at the rear, just above the position lights, was removed. The dashboard is revised and corrected to be more functional and new alloy wheels are installed; the power gains 25 horses

The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is this beautiful 1972 Espada S2 5-speed manual gearbox, sold new in Europe without any trace of damage or corrosion. 

The blue metallic paint was redone a few years ago, it is in very good condition with its burgundy leather interior was recently redone just like the light gray carpets with burgundy piping. 

The chrome, glazing and lights are in very good condition.

Campagnolo brand magnesium wheels are in very good condition, as are Continental 215/70 VR 15 tires. 

It is equipped with electric front windows and an air conditioning system in perfect working order. 

The vehicle is also equipped with a stainless steel double exhaust system, the mechanical has been serviced, suspensions and brakes have been restored.

In short, a very beautiful and exclusive car in perfect condition ready to hit the road, a great opportunity!

Its price: € 169 900

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