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In summary

Maserati has a history in extremely brilliant competition, produced its first road car in 1957.
After a period empty during the 75 years under the control of Citroen, Maserati found his soul and glory when it was taken over by Fiat. The Ferrari-Maserati agreements will only bring it to the pinnacle.

The 3200 is the return image of the trident brand in the club closed Super GT 2 + 2.

It still has the Maserati engine of 3217 cm3 with 2 turbos developing 370hp. She has a phenomenal torque, unlike Ferrari, and allows him a sport or ‘normal’ driving. In addition, it is a real GT 2 + 2 to 4 places.

With a superb line, designed by GIUGIARO, the 3200 is sumptuous and is currently recognized by collectors.

The Ad

The model is a 3200 GT V8 Bi Turbo manual gearbox in circulation in April 2000 and totaling 106 000 km.

The ad contains quite a bit of information, the engine is described as excellent with its up-to-date maintenance.

It is however specified that some details of bodywork are to be reviewed.

But at this price, for a manual gearbox, it deserves our attention!

Its price: 14 000 €

Link of the Ad:

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