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1965 MERCEDES 230 SL (W113) PAGODA /€39700


The Mercedes-Benz Pagoda (codename: W113)  was designed by French designer Paul Bracq and produced between 1963 and 1971.

Pagode succeeds the legendary Mercedes-Benz 300 SL and Mercedes-Benz 190 SL after the presentation of the 230 SL at the 1963 Geneva International Motor Show.

The range was summarized in three types of cubic capacity

  • The 230 SL
  • The 250 SL
  • The 280 SL

True success, of the 48,912 Mercedes-Benz Pagoda built, 34,215 were exported outside Germany, including 19,440 (or 40% of production) in the United States.

The silhouette of the Mercedes-Benz Pagoda has not changed during the eight years of production. Some apparent details nevertheless allow to differentiate them:

Among the standard equipment on the 230 SL

  • 14-inch wheels (only first series).
  • Disc brakes at the front; Drum brakes at the rear.
  • Chrome rearview mirror.
  • Handle on the driver’s door (removed in November 1963 with the appearance of large armrests).
  • Hood with metal hubcap (on the first models).
  • Chromed window lifter cranks then assorted to the upholstery in November 1965.
  • Inclined position of the spare wheel in the trunk on the left side.
  • Wheel covers in 2 parts (chrome collar).
  • Tank of 65 liters and 82 liters from November 1965.
  • ZF 5 speed gearbox available as an option from August 1966.

Produced from March 1963 to January 1967, 19,831 copies (11,726 vehicles went abroad, 4,752 in the United States).

The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is therefore this Mercedes 230 SL 1965 convertible pagoda with manual gearbox. 

The main problem of these cars being corrosion, this one is exempt from it according to its salesman. 
However, a revision of the mechanics and braking system is to be expected. The leather seats need a very slight pigmentation to restore its charm while maintaining its patina.

It is sold with its soft top, hard-top and a French “carte grise de collection”.

In short, a very nice car, very affordable that needs some care before taking the road in all serenity, a very nice opportunity to get an icon !

Its price: 39 700 €

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1991 MAZDA RX7 convertible (TYPE FC3S) / €9900


The RX-7 is a rotary engine (consisting of two rotors giving it the distinction of having a small displacement while having a certain power) produced by the Japanese manufacturer Mazda. It is a model of car that will evolve over time and several versions of it will emerge. Thus will successively be born the SA22C, the FB3S, then the FC3S, and finally the FD3S.

The second-generation Mazda RX-7 (FC3S) was produced from 1986 to 1991. It is also known as the Mazda Savanna RX-7. The 13B engine was taken over for the atmospheric models of this car, and the turbocharged models had the 13B turbo (or 13BT), more powerful than the 13B. 

This car has a remarkable balance thanks to its relatively light engine, making a car very popular in the drifting discipline, as the model that will succeed. 

The FC3S is a car that, for its time, was relatively well equipped. It is a car that was relatively little commercialized in France, and even in Europe.

The ad

The ad that caught our attention is this Mazda RX7 F2 Turbo, red convertible with black leather interior released in 1991. 

In perfect condition, it totals only 45 000 Km. 

From the collection of a former director from Mazda Switzerland. 

It is equipped with the rotary engine, bi-turbo of 2.6L, 200ch. 

Ready to hit the road with peace of mind thanks to this powerful and versatile rotary engine and a really reasonable fuel consumption of 8 to 10 liters, for a 200 horsepower sports car.

Its price: € 9 900

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From the Tokyo show in 1961, Datsun really started producing sports cars.

The first was the Fairlady SP310 which is reminiscent of the MGB. 

Technically, this model was not revolutionary because it takes the essentials of the mechanical components of the Bluebird sedan with the only singularity is a three-seater (two front seats and a third placed transversely at the rear). 

The SP310 has an honest commercial career thanks to its success in competition in the United States. It was produced to 7000 copies, driven by a four-cylinder of 1500 cc developing 71 horses.  

In 1967, Datsun decided to officially enter motorsport in North America. The conquest of this market was a necessity and relatively easier to approach than the European market where many English and Italian brands offered similar models. 

In 1965, the engine capacity was increased to 1600 cc which allowed to win 19 horses. This model was named SP311, had a synchro box and front disc brakes.

The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is this very nice convertible Datsun Fairlady Roadster 1600cc / 95hp with a 4 speeds manual gearbox put into circulation in June 1968 and displaying 119 000 km 

It is sold with a french “carte grise de collection” and a ” contrôle technique” valid from 01/02/2019

The car is completely rust free as well at the 
body level , chassis and chrome which are in superb condition

Among the recent expenses, paint, sprayhood, dashboard, tank, radiator, coil and cables, spark plugs, 2 front tires, brake master cylinder, clutch transmitter and receiver, front brake hoses were changed, the car has has been restarted but still requires some work.

Are expected, the exhaust system, interior finishes (buttons, warning lights, door seal), it lacks the logo “datsun” on the hood and on the left front fender. 

The car will also need a new starter as well as a new battery which justifies the relatively attractive price. The owner provides the workshop manual of the vehicle, the most important being corrosion on these models, this is a great opportunity to acquire a very nice model at a very reasonable price, ideal for a handyman!

Its price: 12 000 €

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2000 JAGUAR XKR 4.0L COUPE /8000 €


The Jaguar XK8 is a GT coupe released in 1996, also available in a convertible version, as well as an engine equipped with an Eaton compressor (XKR) which has a ZF gearbox. 

The first generation of Jaguar XK8 shares its platform, partially derived from the Jaguar XJS, with the Aston Martin DB7. The original design is by Geoff Lawson, succeeded by Ian Callum, for the next two generations of Jaguar XK. 

The feline silhouette of the XK, despite two major evolutions in 2002 and 2006, remains unchanged. Precious wood and  leather are very present, although some unpleasant plastics have appeared, and that there are versions favoring aluminum and carbon. Similarly, the convertible top is made of triple insulation fabric and not metal. The Jaguar XKR is the supercharged version of the XK8, produced from 1998.

The Ad

The ad that caught our attention is this Jaguar XKR 4.0l V8 Coupé 375 CH put into circulation in 2000 and displaying 152 000 km. 

It is equipped with many options, the body looks in good condition, But
– Two tires must be changed 
– The skylight needs refection 
– The vehicle seems to pose a problem ignition (candles and / or one reels to change) 
– The DVD of the GPS is absent (easy to find but still obsolete, Jaguar has never followed updates as soon as the model change)

However, the seller offers a mechanical guarantee (engine / Box / Bridge). 

As the weak point of the first Jaguar V8, it will be necessary to check if the chain tensioners were changed for third generations, in case of an evasive answer, it will be necessary to foresee the operation as soon as possible.

Its price: € 8 000

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1989 JAGUAR XJS 3.6L /€13500


The  Jaguar XJ-S  (then  Jaguar XJS ) – (XJ27) is a luxurious GT produced between 1975 and 1996.

The XJ-S replaced the Type E in September 1975, based on the platform of the shortened XJ sedan.

Appearing in the midst of the oil crisis, and criticized for its design, the XJ-S has struggled to find a place in the market. Especially, that this one was very little favorable to the big-tourist sports

But the XJ-S and its greedy V12 are expensive, too expensive, almost 40% more expensive than a Type E and almost 15% more expensive than a Porsche 911 or a Mercedes 500 SL roadster! 

A newly designed six-cylinder in-line for the future XJ40 was then installed in place of the V12 in 1983, significantly reducing the price. 

Raised to 221 horses thanks to four valves per cylinder, it is judged by the specialists a little fair for the 1600 kg of the car. 

But everything is relative because the AJ6 engine is very voluntary and amazing flexibility and its flights provide a pleasant sound. 

However, it has never had a sporting vocation as evidenced by the lack of lateral support of the upholstery, the very little direct direction and hard and slow box control.

It is made to swallow asphalt on motorways at a sustained rate between 160 and 180 km / h (in Germany, therefore), in the coolness of the air conditioning and the quality of the stereo. 

This new offer will save the model whose sales have never stopped falling, despite Jaguar’s efforts to improve the V12 version.

The Ad

The ad that caught our attention is therefore this Jaguar XJ-S 6 cylinder 3.6l put into circulation November 2, 1989 in very good condition at a very reasonable price certainly justified by its high mileage (242,850 km).

This is the third owner who drives regularly with. 

In addition to the price, what is interesting is that it does not present any mechanical leak as can be seen in two pictures, that there does not seem to be any corrosion and that its owner presents for €3000 of recent invoices including the services, the renovation of the leathers, the heating radiator and the tires. 

The 3.6 is a reliable engine, less greedy than the V12, less fragile than the 4.0l and this car is properly maintained, we can consider that at around 5000 € below the market, this vehicle seems to be a a really nice opportunity.

Its price: € 13 500

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1989 PORSCHE 944 2,7L PHASE 2 /€1700


After being announced in June 1981, the 944 was presented in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It is produced from November 1981, and marketed at the end of the same year.

The front-engined Porsches were planned to modernize the aging image of the famous  911  and ensure a more balanced road handling thanks to a better weight distribution. 

Externally, it inherits the lines of its predecessor 924, released five years earlier, while showing a more sporty style. It comes from the drawings of Anatole Lapine, Latvian designer also responsible for the 928.

The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is this 944, which was first put into circulation in 1989, so it would seem to be a 2,7l phase 2. 

According to its owner there are “a few things to redo, body is intact, front Porsches rear seats, original wheels. ” 

The body appears to be actually in good condition although it is in the grass so remember to check the bases. The driver’s seat does seem to be in good shape however, we have no picture of the dashboard. 

It is likely that it does not start, the seller specifies although it is sold “as is” and without any “contrôle technique”. The seller has another engine if necessary that could be included in the deal.

In any case, it will be necessary to change the timing belt and check the cooling system. 

A car that begins to become scarce, which seems complete with work but at a small price, to note that the owner sells another 650 € (  ) with more work !

Its price: € 1 700

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