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Maserati has a history in extremely brilliant competition, produced its first road car in 1957.
After a period empty during the 75 years under the control of Citroen, Maserati found his soul and glory when it was taken over by Fiat. The Ferrari-Maserati agreements will only bring it to the pinnacle.

The 3200 is the return image of the trident brand in the club closed Super GT 2 + 2.

It still has the Maserati engine of 3217 cm3 with 2 turbos developing 370hp. She has a phenomenal torque, unlike Ferrari, and allows him a sport or ‘normal’ driving. In addition, it is a real GT 2 + 2 to 4 places.

With a superb line, designed by GIUGIARO, the 3200 is sumptuous and is currently recognized by collectors.

The Ad

The model is a 3200 GT V8 Bi Turbo manual gearbox in circulation in April 2000 and totaling 106 000 km.

The ad contains quite a bit of information, the engine is described as excellent with its up-to-date maintenance.

It is however specified that some details of bodywork are to be reviewed.

But at this price, for a manual gearbox, it deserves our attention!

Its price: 14 000 €

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As was the case for the previous models, the Lancia Flavia and Flaminia, Lancia entrusted the coach builder Zagato with the task of producing the Fulvia Sport version. Designed by Ercole Spada the Lancia Fulvia Sport had, as always for these versions, an unusual and very aerodynamic line. His body, worthy of the great coachbuilders was aluminum, then steel for the second series.

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RARE 1986 SUBARU XT 1.8 TURBO 4WD / €5500

In summary

The  Subaru XT  is an older Subaru model available in traction or with a triggerable 4-wheel drive.

At that time, the Subaru brand was not yet authorized to be distributed in France. the XT was produced with 7343 copies.

The Subaru XT features a turbocharged 1.8 liter 4-cylinder (H4) boxer engine that produces 135 hp.

The Subaru XT is a car style very typical 1980s. It is distinguished by its very low coefficient of penetration into the air, extremely rare at the time since the Cx is 0.29.

The Ad

The model is therefore a rare Subaru XT 1.8 Turbo 4WD Automatic white put into circulation on 03/09/1986.

This is a first hand. Not found with some cosmetic work, this car is a real rarity!

Its price: 5 500 €

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