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1981 ALPINE A310 V6 / 19900 €


The mission of the A310 was to conquer new customers that found the A110 berlinette too spartan. 

Indeed, the A310 has a much higher comfort, as well as two small rear seats that allow it to take the qualifier of 2 + 2. 

Since the stopping of the A110 GT4 in 1967 (descendants of the A 108 2 + 2), it no longer existed in the four-seater coupe range. 

By taking the exact wheelbase of its predecessors, 2.27  m , it finds itself in direct confrontation with the Porsche 911. 

However, the qualities of road (for a GT) and finish of the German make the duel turn disadvantage for the French.

With the arrival of the V6 engine, everything will change: engine from the R30 V6 2.7  L , new interior, new suspensions, a box 4 and from 1979, a 5-speed gearbox.

She finally had a power more in relation with the competition, Porsche 911, Ligier JS. 

In addition, as early as 1980, the car will benefit from additional assets such as a new front axle and modified rear suspensions, which come directly from the R5 Turbo as well as “turbine” the wheels type and brakes.

The Ad

The ad that caught our attention is this 1981 Alpine A310 so among the best years showing 93561km. 

The car was serviced for the sale, it is equipped with a set of Gotti rims.

It is sold with a valid “Contrôle Technique”, it seems to be in original shape.

However, it will be necessary to think about checking the appearance of the seats as well as the chassis.

Its price: € 19 900

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2000 JAGUAR XKR 4.0L COUPE /8000 €


The Jaguar XK8 is a GT coupe released in 1996, also available in a convertible version, as well as an engine equipped with an Eaton compressor (XKR) which has a ZF gearbox. 

The first generation of Jaguar XK8 shares its platform, partially derived from the Jaguar XJS, with the Aston Martin DB7. The original design is by Geoff Lawson, succeeded by Ian Callum, for the next two generations of Jaguar XK. 

The feline silhouette of the XK, despite two major evolutions in 2002 and 2006, remains unchanged. Precious wood and  leather are very present, although some unpleasant plastics have appeared, and that there are versions favoring aluminum and carbon. Similarly, the convertible top is made of triple insulation fabric and not metal. The Jaguar XKR is the supercharged version of the XK8, produced from 1998.

The Ad

The ad that caught our attention is this Jaguar XKR 4.0l V8 Coupé 375 CH put into circulation in 2000 and displaying 152 000 km. 

It is equipped with many options, the body looks in good condition, But
– Two tires must be changed 
– The skylight needs refection 
– The vehicle seems to pose a problem ignition (candles and / or one reels to change) 
– The DVD of the GPS is absent (easy to find but still obsolete, Jaguar has never followed updates as soon as the model change)

However, the seller offers a mechanical guarantee (engine / Box / Bridge). 

As the weak point of the first Jaguar V8, it will be necessary to check if the chain tensioners were changed for third generations, in case of an evasive answer, it will be necessary to foresee the operation as soon as possible.

Its price: € 8 000

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1989 JAGUAR XJS 3.6L /€13500


The  Jaguar XJ-S  (then  Jaguar XJS ) – (XJ27) is a luxurious GT produced between 1975 and 1996.

The XJ-S replaced the Type E in September 1975, based on the platform of the shortened XJ sedan.

Appearing in the midst of the oil crisis, and criticized for its design, the XJ-S has struggled to find a place in the market. Especially, that this one was very little favorable to the big-tourist sports

But the XJ-S and its greedy V12 are expensive, too expensive, almost 40% more expensive than a Type E and almost 15% more expensive than a Porsche 911 or a Mercedes 500 SL roadster! 

A newly designed six-cylinder in-line for the future XJ40 was then installed in place of the V12 in 1983, significantly reducing the price. 

Raised to 221 horses thanks to four valves per cylinder, it is judged by the specialists a little fair for the 1600 kg of the car. 

But everything is relative because the AJ6 engine is very voluntary and amazing flexibility and its flights provide a pleasant sound. 

However, it has never had a sporting vocation as evidenced by the lack of lateral support of the upholstery, the very little direct direction and hard and slow box control.

It is made to swallow asphalt on motorways at a sustained rate between 160 and 180 km / h (in Germany, therefore), in the coolness of the air conditioning and the quality of the stereo. 

This new offer will save the model whose sales have never stopped falling, despite Jaguar’s efforts to improve the V12 version.

The Ad

The ad that caught our attention is therefore this Jaguar XJ-S 6 cylinder 3.6l put into circulation November 2, 1989 in very good condition at a very reasonable price certainly justified by its high mileage (242,850 km).

This is the third owner who drives regularly with. 

In addition to the price, what is interesting is that it does not present any mechanical leak as can be seen in two pictures, that there does not seem to be any corrosion and that its owner presents for €3000 of recent invoices including the services, the renovation of the leathers, the heating radiator and the tires. 

The 3.6 is a reliable engine, less greedy than the V12, less fragile than the 4.0l and this car is properly maintained, we can consider that at around 5000 € below the market, this vehicle seems to be a a really nice opportunity.

Its price: € 13 500

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1961 FACEL VEGA HK 500 /€165000


The Facel-Vega HK 500 (type  HK  then  HK1 ) is a French Grand Touring car produced between 1958 and 1961.

It is the ultimate evolution of the series of coupés  FV  started in 1954.

The name  HK 500  comes from its exceptional weight / power ratio for the time of five kilos per horse.

A true commercial success, it will be produced at 490 copies until May 1961 then disappearing in favor of Facel II.

The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is this really beautiful Facel Vega HK500, delivered new in France in 1961, it just has been serviced for the sale at Tisserand, specialised in Facel Vega brand. 

According to its seller, this car has not undergone any cosmetic or technical changes since its delivery in 1961.  

The car is really beautiful, serviced, matching numbers and can leave by the road whatever the distance ! An expertise file comes with the car.

Its price: € 165 000

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The name Reliant Scimitar was used for a series of sports car models manufactured between 1964 and 1986. During its 22 years of production, the company has developed a range of versions including a convertible launched in 1980. All have a fiberglass body on a steel frame.

The Ad

The ad that caught our attention is this very rare Reliant Scimitar GT SE4C coupe from 1968 118 models produced of which about 4 are in France. A great opportunity to ride in a rare car for a very reasonable budget.

The Scimitar Coupé was the first Reliant to bear this name, and preceded the shooting brake. With a 75 000 miles, 3-liter Ford V6 engine rebuilt in 2018 (new segments, new camshaft rings, new clutch, new carburetor …), a Ford Overdrive gearbox, suspensions and Triumph steering revised in 2012 and many other pieces borrowed from English at the time, it allows to stand out while being well supplied with spare parts.

It was imported from England in 2011 by its fourth and current owner. It has always been maintained since new by the same garage in England. It is in a good general condition and will travel all distances.

It is sold with a French “carte grise”, the “contrôle technique was valid in 2018, it will be done again for the sale.

Its price: € 12 000

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1972 TOMASO PANTERA L /€80000


The De Tomaso Pantera was introduced in 1970 at the New York Show, it will be produced from 1971 to 1992. 
The Pantera, which succeeds the Mangusta, was designed by Tom Tjaarda. Unlike the previous model, which was mounted on a steel frame-beam, the Pantera has for the first time in the history of De Tomaso, a monocoque chassis, also made of steel.

The first Pantera was equipped with a Ford Cleveland 5.8 liter V8 engine, a 330  hp , as well as a ZF transmission already used by the Mangusta, the Maserati Bora and the Ford GT40. It goes from 0 to 96  km/h  in 5.5 seconds.

That same year Ford will import Pantera for the American market, through the Lincoln Mercury brand. 
A total of 1,007 Pantera European models were shipped to the United States, but poor manufacturing and finishing quality was a problem during Ford testing. 

At that time, the concepts of safety during  crashes  and rust protection were not or poorly known. Several modifications were made to the following models of the year 1972, the engine was also replaced.

The Pantera L (Lusso), better equipped, was marketed in 1972. It was equipped with a Cleveland Ford engine of 248  hp , and, for the American market, large black bumpers. Ford stopped importing the car to the United States in 1975, after having sold 5,500 copies. De Tomaso continued to build other models, improving performance and equipment. Some of these models were exported to the United States in the 1980s. A total of about 7,200 Pantera were built.

The Ad

The Ad that attracted our attention is this De Tomaso Pantera L commissioned on April 1, 1972 in the United States, color night blue / black with a beige / black interior and showing 67 000 km.

The recent painting of the vehicle presents very well according to its seller, the body was laid to bare metal for the operation. 

No evidence of corrosion on the chassis or the body. The doors are very good and after inspection, the car has no trace of repair and accident. 

The rims, originally magnesium Campagnolo, have been repainted in anthracite gray. 

The tires and brakes are in good condition as well and do not require any costs.

The original seats are in perfect condition (the seat has been redone) as are the carpets, door panels and the roof top. 

The car has retained its lap belts (homologated until October 1972). The momo steering wheel is retractable, it was installed by the former owner so that it could get out of the vehicle more easily. 

Note that two other seats are also available with the vehicle, beige, with a seat more comfortable and better lateral support. 

The original air conditioning is functional like all the elements and instruments of the dashboard. Note that the fuse box of origin is sometimes a little capricious, badly recurring beautiful Italian of this time.

This Pantera has 3 anti-reconciliation bars arranged in a triangle in the front compartment of 30 mm and in trapezoid of the same size for the rear part. 

The braking has been optimized with, in particular, raised discs mounted on 4-piston floating calipers with aviation hoses. 

Koni adjustable dampers, slightly shorter springs associated with aluminum triangles at the front and anti-roll bars of 25mm diameter, everything is calibrated so that the vehicle is exploitable. The steering rack has also been redone.

The vehicle has a preparation made by its former owner in the United States who has restored the vehicle. 

Water pump, belts, alternator, starter, universal joints, ZF 5-speed gearbox of original series in very good working condition. 

High Performance Clutch. 
High Performance aluminum pressurization and expansion vessels. 
Ignition with additional module, coil and MSD distributor. 
Air filter K and N. 
Fuel filling cap with valve. 
Holley fuel pump. 
Holley Performance SR5533 carburettor, 4 bodies, aviation hose. 
Edelbrock Performance intake pipe. 
Premium oil pan Avialu Competition. 
Performance engine support.
Gibson Group 4 exhaust that gives it a beautiful sound. 
The 351 Cleveland 408 engine, or 6.7l, is an Edelbrock preparation with Ford Racing Solution aluminum cylinder head, pistons, valves, camshaft more pointed. 
This allows it to develop 420 hp on the wheels (bench record available). 

Front aluminum radiator associated with 2 fans, the water hoses are also in aluminum.

The vehicle is sold with a french “Carte grise de collection”.

Its price: € 80 000

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