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In summary

The  Jaguar Type E  (”  Jaguar E-Type  ” in the United Kingdom and ”  Jaguar XK-E  ” in the United States) was produced from 1961 to 1975 and comes in three models (convertible, coupe and 2 + 2), three series and two limited editions.

Designed by Malcolm Sayer under the control of William Lyons, there were many changes and modifications throughout the life of the model to meet regulations, particularly in the United States, its main market. The abandonment of the six-cylinder engine in line in 1971 in favor of the Jaguar V12 is one of the major changes.

With 72,584 copies produced, this is one of Jaguar’s most successful car.

The Ad

The model is a JAGUAR type E series 2 4.2I put into circulation in June 1969 in the United States. It totals today 13110 miles and it is sold with a French registration.
Blue with a beige interior, it has a new manual gearbox, an electronic ignition and 3 carburetors SU HD8.

Not necessarily the most sought after model but a very good copy at a price quite affordable.

Its price: 69 900 €

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1968 CITROEN DS 21 FACTORY convertible / €189000

In summary

In August 1960, Citroën launched the DS Cabriolet manufactured by Henri Chapron to 1365 copies. 

The DS was produced until 1971, seeing its power over the years from 83 hp with the DS19 up to 123 hp with the DS 21 IE!

The Ad

Thus the following ad is that of a 115 hp Citroën DS 21 put into circulation in April 1968. 

This is the first year of production of directional headlights while maintaining the original dashboard. 
This is a third hand equipped with an automatic gearbox.

The interior, the hood, the tires, the mechanics, the boot floor, the sill closure and all the sensitive points specific to these models have been treated.

Its price: 189 000 €

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