The Jaguar XK8 is a GT coupe released in 1996, also available in a convertible version, as well as an engine equipped with an Eaton compressor (XKR) which has a ZF gearbox.

The first generation of Jaguar XK8 shares its platform, partially derived from the Jaguar XJS, with the Aston Martin DB7. The original design is by Geoff Lawson, succeeded by Ian Callum, for the next two generations of Jaguar XK.

The feline silhouette of the XK, despite two major evolutions in 2002 and 2006, remains unchanged. Precious wood and  leather are very present, although some unpleasant plastics have appeared, and that there are versions favoring aluminum and carbon. Similarly, the convertible top is made of triple insulation fabric and not metal. The Jaguar XKR is the supercharged version of the XK8, produced from 1998.

The Ad

This Jaguar XKR 4.0l V8 Coupé of 375 CH put into circulation in June 1999 displays 172,600 km.

The body looks in good condition, however the back of the driver’s seat is damaged.
It is not equipped with GPS which is a positive point, the latter being obsolete.

It is sold with a valid technical control.

The vehicle is described as being in good condition for interior and exterior presentation. It completely original which is also a positive point. No information on the state of operation of accessories such as air conditioning is specified so check.

It comes with its complete service log book and with bills.

As the weak point of the first Jaguar V8, it will be necessary to check if the chain tensioners were changed for third generations, in case of an evasive answer, it will be necessary to foresee the operation as soon as possible.

Its price: 7 800 €

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