1997 RENAULT SPIDER windscreen (150HP) / €38000

In summary

In the 90s, Renault wants to capitalize on its victories in F1 and creates the Renault Sport brand.

The assembly by hand is done in Dieppe Alpine plant under the name “Renault Sport”.

The structure of the aluminum car allows to reach a weight of 930  kg .

Renault Sport opts for the “F-engine” (type F7R) Clio Williams and Megane coupe 16v 150hp.

At the 1995 Geneva show, it is presented with an effective windshield.

A more widespread version (and nice) with windscreen and a wiper is offered a year later.

Renault will also produce a Trophy version, recognizable by its roll cage and 180 hp engine.

1,726 Spider, 90 of which in the Trophy version, left the Dieppe factory between 1996 and 1999.

The Ad

The model is a Renault Spider windshield option put into circulation in November 1997.

In perfect original condition, it now totals 47000 km.
Registered in France, a french “Contrôle Technique” will be made for the sale.

A rare vehicle, slightly sanitized by the windscreen but which still has no hood or hard top!

Its price: 38 000 €

Link of the Ad:  https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1671712233.htm/

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