1997 ASTON MARTIN Virage VOLANTE Automatic Gearbox / €74900

In summary

After several uneasy years with no new models, Aston Martin’s fortunes were revived with funds invested by Ford in 1987.

It allowed the company to increase the range again and the first off the line was the Virage in 1988.

Designed to be faithful to Aston Martin values and conjure up strength and elegance, it was built using the finest materials and boasted a wonderful level of craftsmanship and finishing.

Under the bonnet, improvements to the traditional V8 engine made it more economical and flexible, its 330bhp allowing the Virage to reach speeds of more than 250km/h.

Four years after it was launched, it was joined by a cabriolet version, the Virage Volante which was a great success from the outset. It combined the comfort and power of the coupé with the pleasure of open-top driving. Even with a boot, the car offered two useable rear seats.

With 365 coupés and 233 Volantes built, the Virage remains exclusive, making it a rare and valuable car.

The Ad

The model is one of the 233 ASTON MARTIN VIRAGE Volante ever produced with automatic gearbox.

It was put into circulation on 3 july 1997 and has a total of 22,300 km

This is a very nice low mileage car that deserves our attention.

Its price: € 74 900

Link of the Ad: https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1676158913.htm/

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