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In 1979, Mercedes-Benz and Magna-Steyr produced a new rugged all-terrain vehicle, named Geländewagen, in a civilian version after the military version that had existed since 1975.

It became almost immediately popular with military forces, also known for its robustness, performance and reliability. It will evolve from the status of utility to that of civilian vehicle, becoming gentrified as its evolution.

An unparalleled ability of crossing never denied, thanks in particular to a rather rare feature, that is to say that to have in series three blockages of differentials.

Output with a choice of two wheelbases of different lengths, the car is available in 3 and 5 doors.

The Ad

The model is a Mercedes Benz G Class 300GE Convertible version.
Put into circulation in February 1992, it is a gasoline model converted to LPG (free french “carte grise” and “vignette Crit’Air 1”) in mechanical gearbox.

It is equipped with 18 “wheels

Among the options:
– air conditioning (to be revised)
– heated seats
– additional heating Webasto
– winch 12000 pounds (5443Kg), with its remote control.
– Hardtop German Schmude brand (the best hardtops that exist for class G).
– spare wheel support
– black leather seats.
– 4 SACHS shock absorbers

The three differential locks work perfectly.

Among recent costs 2000kms ago: front plates, rear drum trim, new clutch, engine, gearbox and rear transmission oil change .
Continental Cross Contact Tires (4 seasons).

The 300GE in this configuration is a rather rare model (3L gasoline, mechanical box, cabriolet).

The paint is original, there are some small cosmetic default but it confirms its good condition for its age!

The vehicle is sold with a french “controle technique” of less than 6 months.

Its price: 20 000 €

Link of the Ad:  https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1676218437.htm/

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