1985 AUDI QUATTRO TURBO / €40000

In summary

The Quattro, as its name suggests, is the first sports coupe of the brand’s permanent all-wheel drive series (the first mass-market cars sold with this system are the Subaru from 1972).

The first generation receives a 5-cylinder 2.1  L  10 valves (type WR) provided with a turbocompressor and an air exchanger which increases the power to 200 hp (instead of 170 hp on the exchanger without version equipped the 200 Turbo).

The Audi Quattro is easily recognizable by its wide wings and specific bumpers that differentiate it from the Audi Coupe GT from which it derives. The 0 to 100  km / h  is in 7.1 seconds for a top speed of 222  km / h .

For the 1983 vintage, new monobloc headlamps replace the double elements and ABS is now standard and then, for 1985, the grille tilts, the rims become wider and the rear lights turn black.

The all-wheel drive system of the Quattro is original for the time because, unlike most other vehicles of the era equipped with all-wheel drive, it is not only equipped with a central differential to have a permanent all-wheel drive but in addition, the latter is integrated in a housing fixed behind the gearbox derived from that of the Audi Coupé GT. This is possible thanks to the secondary shaft of the gearbox which is hollow and inside which passes the drive shaft to the front differential.

The Ad

The model is therefore a 200hp Audi Quattro turbo put into circulation in Switzerland in November 1985

Imported and registered in France in 1999

Among the equipment, windows and mirrors, power steering, ABS and BBS aluminum rims.

It is sold with its maintenance book.

Its price: 40 000 €

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