1985 ALPINE V6 GT (TYPE GTA) / €14500

In summary

Have you always dreamed of entering the Alpine world? The GT (factory name GTA) is currently the best opportunity to have one!

We agree that she is less powerful than her younger sister, the turbo with 160 hp instead of 200 hp.

It is however much more reliable with its proven PRV, slightly more powerful than the A310 ( 10 hp ).

Produced from 1984 to 1989, it does not meet the success of the Turbo and even lives in its shadow.

Only 1509 copies will leave the Dieppe factory compared to 4895 Turbos !

We finally find the same phenomenon between the A310 4 cylinders and the V6, the 4 cylinders is now very popular!

The Ad

The model is thus a Alpine V6 GT put into circulation in 1985 and totaling 90 000 km.

Her owner presents it as being in good general condition.
The photos posted actually reflect a relatively good state.
Maintenance is followed and the vehicle is always parked in a garage.

Typed 80’s by its lines and its interior, despite its relative lack of power, this model has all the potential for a pleasure purchase in all serenity.

Its low production is its main asset in addition to its reliability.

Most certainly a future collector like its big sister, the A310 4 cylinders !

Its price: € 14 500

Link of the Ad:  https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1676702842.htm/

The front of the Alpine Renault V6 GT is aggressive and has not aged too much despite its age.
The interior of the Alpine Renault V6 GT is very typical 80s

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