1982 FERRARI 308 GTBI / €50000

In summary

Ferrari produced the 308 (GTB / GTS) between 1975 and 1985

It made its appearance at the Paris Motor Show in September 1975. This conquered Ferrari meets a great success right out.

A first series of 808 copies, built until June 1977, receives a polyester shell.

The second series, is steel until the end of its production in 1985 which has the effect of increasing the weight of 150 kg.
The mechanism is based on a sturdy 3l V8 V8 developing 240 hp at 7,700 rpm.

In 1980 Ferrari launched the 308 GTBi / GTSi. It adopts Bosch K-Jetronic injection resulting in a drop in power of 15 hp.
This loss of power is necessary to reduce CO 2 emissions  and to comply with US standards.

The Ad

The model is a 308 GTBi put into circulation in February 1982 by the French importer POZZI

Yellow with a black interior, it has a gray card collection and totals 75 000 km.

The seller is his second owner since 2002, the distribution and the water pump were made to purchase a 46604 km in 2002

A professional follows the vehicle, the last major revision (distribution and water pump) date of 2018.

Certe, it is a model slightly less powerful but 100% French (dry sump) and with a fairly clear history at a very reasonable price.

Its price: 50 000 € OBO

Link of the Ad:  https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1680509378.htm/

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