1976 ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA GTV 2.0 / € 12990

In summary

Based on the platform of the Alfetta sedan, the GTV coupe took over the mechanical configuration, with a transaxle assembly at the rear for a better distribution of weight.

His square profile, very original, was due to Giorgetto Giugiaro and allowed to comfortably accommodate four people. When it was launched in 1974, it received a 1.8-liter version of the famous double-camshaft.

More powerful, the 2 liters appears shortly after: it is the one that equips the car we’ve found.

The Ad

The model is therefore an Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 2.0 put into circulation in 1976.

Giallo Piper color, it is equipped with a black leather interior, Cromodora wheels and a Weber carburettor.

The vehicle is presented as being in excellent condition, completely original and without corrosion which is rare for these models.

It is sold with its complete maintenance file.

Among the work done recently:

  • Clutch
  • Receiver and clutch transmitter
  • brakes
  • Silent block
  • Ignition
  • tires
  • Exhaust

It is sold with its valid technical control.

The rare leather interior and its general condition prevails over the outside color that may not be to everyone’s taste, it is a beautiful model at a reasonable price.

Its price: € 12 990

Link of the Ad:  https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1643570358.htm/

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