1973 VOLVO P1800 ES Shooting Brake / €9400

In summary

It was in 1972 that Volvo introduced the last 1800, the ES that changed body to become a hunting station with a large glass hatchback. 
The engine of the ES returns to 125 hp thanks to a lower compression rate. The road behavior of the car is improved.

The particularity of the 1800 ES is to have a fully flat loading surface when the rear seats are folded down. The Borg-Warner automatic three-speed gearbox is always available in addition to the manual gearbox with overdrive. 

The arrival of the new American safety and pollution standards for 1974 forced Volvo to profoundly modify the 1800 ES so that it could be marketed across the Atlantic. Volvo does not consider it good enough to upgrade the model, it leaves the catalog in 1973 after 8 077 copies of the ES version. 

In 1972, 3,070 products from December 1971 to July 1972: it has the same main characteristics as the 1800E of the same year.

In 1973, 5,007 products from August 1972 to June 27, 1973: energy-absorbing bumpers and a less fire-sensitive interior were installed. 

Another small detail, the pull switches on the left of the steering wheel are replaced by specific toggle switches. 

The versions intended for the American market are equipped with the B20F engine developing 112 hp SAE. 

No less than 9 colors are available to customers: white california (42), red (46), gold metallized (105), sun yellow (107), cypress green (110) and light blue metallic (111) are added dark blue (108), metallic green (115) and orange (113).

The Ad

It is therefore a Volvo 1800 ES (Shooting Brake) bought in the USA, it is now in France and ready to be registered in CG Collection once its technical control obtained.

Its appearance is flattering, however, it requires a lot of restoration work on the floors.

There is poorly repaired floor corrosion and this needs to be repaired.

Apart from that mechanically speaking, the car requires a good overhaul despite its good working condition.

Its engine and 4 + OD box is however in good condition as the interior, upholstery, roof, windows, chrome, dashboard etc …

Note that it has rare alloy wheels with tires in good condition …
There are other mentions on the CT, but these are details like horn, windshield etc …

In short, a rare and coveted car with, admittedly, some important work but at a very attractive price and a very beautiful color!

Its price: € 9 400

Link of the Ad: https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1692979554.htm/

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