1967 RENAULT SOVAM / €23500

In summary

The company Sovam was born in 1964 thanks to André Morin, it specialized then in the construction of trucks stores thanks to the VUL.

In 1965, assisted by Jacques Durand, André Morin created a small sports car on the basis of a Renault 4 chassis.

The car was presented at the Salon de l’Auto in 1965. In view of the interest in the car, it was decided to manufacture it. It will be until 1968.

With a perfect mastery of the realization of bodywork elements in polyester, a body is manufactured and placed on a chassis / mechanical assembly of Renault 4.

Its windshield is that of a Renault Florida reversed.

The line of the Sovam is extremely sporty and seductive but its 850cm3 engine  remains very frail … .However offered less than 10,000 francs, it pulls out of the game and finds a small clientele.

In 1966 its price goes to 12,800 francs to justify the improvement of the finish and a motor of 1100 cm 3 . Her image of small sports is confirmed then.

In 1967 Sovam offers the 1255 cm 3  of the Renault 8 Gordini. The block develops 103 horses with a 5-speed gearbox that allows the small Sovam to reach 195 km / h.

The production stops in 1968 with 160 models.

But the Sovam coupe remained marginal compared to the construction of the vehicle-stores. The company still exists and manufactures products for airports such as walkways and specific vehicles.

The Ad

The model is a 1967 Renault Sovam with 24,313 km.

It is now a rare vehicle, of the 160 produced, only about thirty are still in working order.

As I understand, the original engine and the gearbox box are not present any more as the engine comes from a Renault 5 and that there is a gearbox 4 reports whereas in 67, it should be a box 5.

The painting and upholstery were redone five years ago.

It is sold with Gotti rims, targa roof and a normal french “Carte Grise”.

A pretty interesting little car at a reasonable price, the engine and gearbox can be easily found at a not too high price, an almost unique piece!

Its price: 23 500 €

Link of the Ad:  https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1612879510.htm/

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