1967 FIAT ABARTH 850 OT Coupe PROTO / €23000

In summary

After having proven itself with the Abarth versions of the Fiat 600 and Fiat 500, the Italian driver looks in 1964 at the latest innovation of Fiat, the 850… 

Unlike the Fiat 600 which ran in small categories, but which has assured a worldwide reputation, Carlo Abarth has a lot more ambition for the 850.

The Ad

This is a proto based on FIAT 850 coupe made by an Italian preparator 1967. 

The chassis and body are original (photo of the car during a hill race in Italy in 1968 which proves that the appearance has not changed). 

Mechanical side, everything was redone in 2009/2010. The car is equipped with an Abarth 2000 engine and a box from a Ritmo Abarth 130 TC with Weber 40 carburetor. 

The trains and brakes front and rear have been redone. The electricity has also been completely redone. The interior has been updated for the race (bucket, harness, fire extinguisher, rollbar, bonnet, etc.). 

The history of the car is known and limpid.
Participation in many coast races in Italy with Giancarlo Gorra until 1980, collection in Italy, collection in France until 2008. 

The seller has since 2008. After renovation, she participated in many sports regularity events on circuit or road (100 laps, hill races). 

Very pleasant to drive, this car is unique, original. It is sold with 2 sets of wheels and several sets of slick and rain tires. 

It has a French “Carte Grise”.

Its price: € 23 000

Link of the Ad:  https://www.mikadoracing.com/index.php?action=DETAILLER&id_annonce=1848617

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