1966 ALPINE A108 Convertible / €88000


Presented at the Paris Show of 1957, the one that should have been called, in Alpine logic, A109 due to the sharing of mechanical components of the Dauphine (type R1090 and following) is an evolution of the A106. Indeed, if the body of the coach is kept, the engine of the 4 CV is replaced by that of the Dauphine Gordini. It will be produced from 1958 to 1965.

In 1960, the convertible and coupe 2 + 2 adopt a frame-beam. 
It is formed of a beam (hence its name) having at each end a cradle that supports the engine (rear) and the steering bodies (front). This geometry will be used until the last model A610.

The A108 plays an important role in the history of Alpine because it is in this form that will be born the berlinette. At the 1960 Tour de France, Jean Rédélé took on two berlinettes A108 (the series model will also be called the  “Tour de France” berlinette  until 1969).

The berlinette stands as the closed version of the cabriolet, however the front with lighthouses is new. Produced from autumn 1960, she supplanted the coach and prepared the place for the newcomer: the A110.

The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is this rare and beautiful Alpine A108 convertible first registered in 1966

It has undergone a quality restoration with the hull (stripped and repainted) and the chassis (sandblasted and repainted) separated.

The upholstery is new as the hood and carpets made by a professional from the originals.

The wiring harness has been completely redone. 

All undercarriages have been sandblasted, repainted and refurbished

All the mechanics have been dismantled and restored.

The car has traveled about 3000 Km since the end of this total restoration very documented with many bills and photos of the work done.

A rare vehicle ready to hit the road in all serenity for its new owner, restored in the rules of art, rare for sale, much less known than the A110 but deserves our attention.

Its price: 88 000 €

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