1965 MERCEDES 230 SL (W113) PAGODA /€39700


The Mercedes-Benz Pagoda (codename: W113)  was designed by French designer Paul Bracq and produced between 1963 and 1971.

Pagode succeeds the legendary Mercedes-Benz 300 SL and Mercedes-Benz 190 SL after the presentation of the 230 SL at the 1963 Geneva International Motor Show.

The range was summarized in three types of cubic capacity

  • The 230 SL
  • The 250 SL
  • The 280 SL

True success, of the 48,912 Mercedes-Benz Pagoda built, 34,215 were exported outside Germany, including 19,440 (or 40% of production) in the United States.

The silhouette of the Mercedes-Benz Pagoda has not changed during the eight years of production. Some apparent details nevertheless allow to differentiate them:

Among the standard equipment on the 230 SL

  • 14-inch wheels (only first series).
  • Disc brakes at the front; Drum brakes at the rear.
  • Chrome rearview mirror.
  • Handle on the driver’s door (removed in November 1963 with the appearance of large armrests).
  • Hood with metal hubcap (on the first models).
  • Chromed window lifter cranks then assorted to the upholstery in November 1965.
  • Inclined position of the spare wheel in the trunk on the left side.
  • Wheel covers in 2 parts (chrome collar).
  • Tank of 65 liters and 82 liters from November 1965.
  • ZF 5 speed gearbox available as an option from August 1966.

Produced from March 1963 to January 1967, 19,831 copies (11,726 vehicles went abroad, 4,752 in the United States).

The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is therefore this Mercedes 230 SL 1965 convertible pagoda with manual gearbox. 

The main problem of these cars being corrosion, this one is exempt from it according to its salesman. 
However, a revision of the mechanics and braking system is to be expected. The leather seats need a very slight pigmentation to restore its charm while maintaining its patina.

It is sold with its soft top, hard-top and a French “carte grise de collection”.

In short, a very nice car, very affordable that needs some care before taking the road in all serenity, a very nice opportunity to get an icon !

Its price: 39 700 €

Ad link: http://mythicwheels.com/en/2019/07/21/mercedes-benz-230-sl-pagode-1965-2/

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