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The Facel-Vega Facellia (type  FA ) is produced between 1960 and 1963 to 650 copies. It was born from the desire of Jean Daninos to create a smaller model to compete with the Alfa Romeo, Porsche and Triumph who were then the sports references in the range of medium displacement.

It is one of the great novelties of the Paris Salon of October 1959.

The Facellia broadly adopts the Facel-Vega technical characteristics with V8 engine.

It is equipped with a tubular frame, a welded steel hull, an independent front suspension, Dunlop disc brakes and a rigid rear axle.

However, the big news is under the hood.

As the plant does not obtain an import license for a foreign engine, it turns to Pont-à-Mousson to develop a new engine.

Thus a 1.6 l 4 cylinder perfectly meeting the initial specifications is born.

Developing 115 hp  at 6400  rpm , it allows the car to perform.

Unfortunately, engine tuning problems lead to repeated breaks.

Facel Vega then immediately carries out standard exchanges under warranty. This operation undermines the treasury and reputation of the brand.

Improvements are made to the  Facellia F2  introduced in 1961. The mechanics are completely reviewed by the company  Modern Engine  to increase reliability and cooling.

At the same time, the Marchal Mégalux headlights identical to those of the Facel II appear and the dashboard takes advantage of the faux wood covering of the V8 models instead of leather.

The Ad

The model is therefore one of the last Facel Vega Facellia F2b convertible of July 1963.

the vehicle has a normal French gray registration in the name of the seller.

A motor of Facel Vega F3 (Volvo) was mounted in the 70s. Original cream white, it was repainted in black at the same time.

She spent 35 years in a barn, hence its good condition.

Complete and rolling, its carpet was removed to sand and remake the floor, gutters roofs were also repaired, only corrosions noted (disease cabriolets).

The seller has invested no less than 20 000 euros, for its restart, among the expenses, many new parts:

  • Tailor made tailor-made and made perfect with the pattern as originally, new beech hoops
  • Front train redone (ball joints, rings, pivots) predict the parallelism
  • New Dunlop brakes and new brake servo
  • Reservoir refurbished (unsoldered / welded)
  • Fuel supply and new fuel pump
  • Rebuilt and adjusted carburation, new air filters
  • Ignition redone, spark plugs, cables, coil, electronic igniter, all brand new
  • Radiator cooling and heating redone as originally
  • Tail lights new knives in the box

The engine has few kilometers (about 20 000 km), its compressions are good (13.4).

It starts a quarter turn cold as hot, does not heat.

It remains to redo the complete interior and painting, a reasonable restoration to have a rare car.

Only shadow on the board, its engine is not original but its price remains very attractive!

Its price: 45 000 €

Link of the Ad:  https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/1680626214.htm/

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