1975 Bmw 3.0 cs type E9 / €30000


The BMW E9 was launched in October 1968 with the 2800 CS having a six-cylinder engine of 2,800 cm 3  and 170 hp. 

It replaces the 2000 C / CS range. It differs by its front, due to the extension of the engine compartment to accommodate the new 6-cylinder in line inherited 2500/2800 sedans. 

This engine, type M30, will do a lot for the fame of BMW. 

His last descendants will be the engine of the M5 in 1995. As for his predecessor the chassis E9 is assembled at the famous coachbuilder Karmann.

In 1971, BMW replaced the 2800 CS with the 3.0 CS equipped with a 3000cc engine with a 180 hp carburettor and the 3.0 CSL with 215 hp. 

It always has a 4-speed gearbox, but it receives a power steering and especially 4 disc brakes that were sorely lacking in the previous version. 

The production of all these models stopped in December 1975, the last vehicles being delivered in 1976.

 The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is therefore this really nice Bmw 3.0 CS E9 released in September 1975 fully restored in 2016. Blue color initially, the latter was changed to a very beautiful red (photos of the car before the restoration thereafter). 

Its M30 B33 engine has a new cylinder head and a low engine 80,000 Km. It is equipped with two new Zenith carburetors powered by a low pressure electric gasoline pump and a tailor made stainless steel tailpipe giving it a very beautiful sound. 

Three engine control manometers have been added to the center console  

The standard 4-speed La Boite is equipped with a short BMW 3.0 CSL lever coupled with a self-locking bridge.

Other features of this vehicle include a set of Alpina RG copy rims, a 3.0 CSL front and rear anti roll bar, short springs and Febi dampers. 

The upholstery has been completely redone in leather with a new wooden steering wheel. 

A sunroof, an Alpina front skirt and the vintage radio are also part of the equipment. 

It is sold with a normal French registration, a very nice car to see!

 Its price: € 30 000

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Unique 1934 Citroen “traction Avant” modified in station wagon / 11000€


The Citroën Traction Avant was produced from 1934 to 1957. 

Its history is linked in the collective memory to the Occupation, alternately a car of the Gestapo and icon of the Resistance. It was also the favorite vehicle of gangsters because of exceptional road qualities for its time.

This automobile then has a rare feature on cars in its class: the drive wheels are those of the front axle. Traction is the first innovation of this car. 

This technique is quickly associated in France with the Citroën, which earned him his nickname, “Traction”, and later the pleonasm “Traction avant”. 

The real novelty is to combine on one vehicle the most modern solutions of the time: in addition to the transmission mode, a monocoque structure, hydraulic brakes and an independent wheel suspension on all four wheels. 

Traction Avant, however, benefits from better handling than most of its contemporaries.

Constantly improved by André Lefèbvre, this Citroën paved the way for the mass production of vehicles equipped with this technique, its qualities being worth a long career and a production of 760,000 copies.

 The Ad

The ad that caught our attention is this Citroën Traction “familiale” model from 1938 converted into a station wagon double doors during the war by the French coachbuilder AEAT (Anciens Etablissements Ansart & Teisseire), based in Neuilly-sur-Seine near Paris, known for its traction transformation in convertible after the war. 

This unique model is in correct condition with a working engine. However, the vehicle will need a complete overhaul to get back on the road, the brakes have to be redone in particular.

The interior seems to be in very good condition, the body looks original with a beautiful patina.

 Its price: € 11 000

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1991 Porsche 964 (965) turbo 3.3 / €75000


Presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1990, the 964 Turbo, unofficially called 965 at the release of version 3.6, represents the 3rd generation of 911 Turbo. 

Worthy descendant of the 930, the 965 progresses clearly in terms of comfort and efficiency compared to its predecessor. Initially proposed in 3.3, the 964 turbo sees its power increased to 320 horses. 

The brand’s first turbo with standard power steering, its road handling is greatly improved, providing high-speed stability and a front drivetrain at the most acceptable precision. 

In addition to this handling, there is comfort and driving safety worthy of a GT, thanks in particular to the ABS and the new self-locking differential.

In contrast to its sexy line and all curves soft and generous, the 965 is a brutal mono-turbo and not very considerate that must be taken care of when the 320 horses arrive. Today is what makes it attractive and successful.

 The Ad


The Ad that caught our attention is this beautiful Porsche 964 (965) 3.3 TURBO 320 HP put into circulation on February 21, 1991. 

Sold new in Germany, its current owner has owned for 10 years. 

The vehicle has been maintained regularly with nearly € 15,000 in bills. 

Showing now 171 800 km, a full service was carried out at 170000km.

Vehicle options include:  
– Air conditioning 
– Original BLAUPUNKT car radio 
– Rear window wiper 
– Sunroof 
– 17 ‘WHEELS 
– Electric heated leather seats 
– Airbags

These cars are sought after and are generally priced higher, this model that has a very good combination of colors deserves to go to have a look if you’re looking for one !

 Its price: € 75 000

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1993 Bmw m3 3.0l e36 / €12000


The BMW M3 is the sporty version of the BMW 3 Series, designed by the BMW M branch (“M” of “motorsport”) of the Bavarian BMW brand. Built on the basis of the E30 chassis, it was created in 1986. Originally designed to win races, the following generations were first and foremost developed for a growing clientele the super sportswoman. In thirty years, the BMW M3 has gone from a four-cylinder engine of 200  hp  to the current six-cylinder in line biturbo, CS version, of 460  hp .

The M3 E36, marketed from 1992 has little to do with the previous version, the E30. 

From an aesthetic point of view, the line is completely revised, but it is at the level of the engine that the division “M” of BMW made the biggest changes: the four-cylinder of the E30 is replaced by a six -cylinders in line of 3  L  and thus gains, at first, more than fifty horses to reach, on the first version of E36, 286  ch .

Other modifications appear in 1996 with a six-cylinder of 3.2 l which gives it an incredible couple of 350  Nm . 

The power then reaches the 321  hp  mated to a six-speed gearbox, the second major change of this new version of E36 M3. 

 The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is this beautiful Bmw M3 3.0l e36 from 1993 posting 210 000 km. 

It is therefore a first generation 286 hp equipped with air conditioning, power windows, central locking, cruise control, etc … 

It is sold with maintenance bills from BMW dealers. 

The price is very low compared to the market because a big revision is to be expected, the vehicle has not driven for a long time, it is mileage and has a slight stroke in the right front of the vehicle, it is still a very nice deal to visit.

 Its price: € 12 000

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1991 Honda Civic ee9 1.6 16v Vtec 150HP / €9700


There were two models that inherited the DOHC VTEC engine. Their code names? EE8 and EE9!

The EE8, better known as CRX, is probably one of the Honda models with the highest odds of love today.

His absolutely inimitable line, even timeless, has marked a generation of thrill seekers and youngtimers. 

If the CRX was first equipped with a 1.6 130 horsepower, a Vtec version quickly came to bring 20 more horsepower.

150 horses at 7600 rpm and allow this little coupe of just a ton to behave like real sports!

The sensations were unique on board.

The other true sports car, the EE8 or the Civic 1.6i VTEC! 

Much rarer, it has the same mechanics as the CRX … 

Its qualities are almost the same, also capable of reaching 100 km / h in less than 8 seconds with a top speed of 210 km / h! Not bad for sportswomen 20 years old …

 The Ad

The ad that caught our attention is this beautiful and rare Honda CIVIC VTEC 1.6 16s 150ch 3 door green barcelona from June 91 and displaying 149 800 km.

In excellent general condition but above all it is a completely original model with a maintenance followed including 4 tires, the timing belt and recent water pump. 

It is sold with a valid technical control dating from March 2019. 

What makes the interest of these models, besides their scarcity and their engine, is the impressive list of standard equipment such as 
– The electric sunroof 
– Air conditioning 
– Electric windows 
– Central locking 
– Electric mirrors 
– Aluminum wheels 
– Spoiler seats 
– rear spoiler 
– etc …

 Its price: 9 700 €

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1989 Volkswagen Golf Rallye G60 / €28800


The Volkswagen Golf Rally G60 (Series II) was built in tribute to Volkswagen’s performance in terms of rallying. 

It is equipped with a motor 1800cm3 8v G60 160 hp. 

The car is also equipped with four-wheel drive to make its way. Of these, about 5000 were built.

It is recognizable by its widened wheel arches and its headlights and grille type jetta / corrado.

 The Ad

The ad that caught our attention is this really nice Volkswagen Golf Rally G60 from 1989 showing 160,000 km certified, never had an accident. 

The vehicle is equipped with digital air conditioning, very rare original option. 

Strictly original, it has been completely revised for the sale, a really nice example if yu’re looking for one !

 Its price: 28 800 €

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