1952 CITROEN “Traction Avant” 15/6 SPLENDILUX /€48000


The Citroën Traction Avant is produced from 1934 to 1957.

It has a rare feature on its contemporaries: the driving wheels are those of the front axle. Traction is the first innovation of this car. 

This technique is quickly associated in France with the Citroën, which earned its nickname, “Traction”, and later the pleonasm “Traction avant”. 

The real novelty is to combine on one vehicle the most modern solutions of the time: in addition to the front wheel drive, a monocoque structure, hydraulic brakes and an independent wheel suspension on all four wheels. 

Traction Avant benefits from better handling than most of its contemporaries.

Constantly improved by André Lefèbvre, this Citroën paves the way for the mass production of vehicles equipped with this technique, its qualities worth a long career and a production of 760,000 copies.

Under the name Splendilux, we actually find the business of Tolerie Automobile Industrielle H. Esclassan of Boulogne sur Seine. 

Splendilux is a set of elements capable of completely modifying the look of a front wheel drive, by the installation of enveloping wings and tapered with integrated headlights, a new vertical bar grille, a lower puncture cover than the original, and a small trunk back, not to mention tubular bumper games. 

The transformation Splendilux does not betray the traction, it modernizes and gives it a new genre in tune with the fashion of the late 40s. 

To date, three or four sedans and two cabriolets 11B and dressed in original are still existing.

The Ad

This very rare and beautiful Citroën Traction Avant 15/6 SPLENDILUX from 1952 attracts our attention.

In very good working condition and presentation with many accessories such as: 
– 5 wheels ROBERGEL 
– two carburetors intake 
– Applex Translucent steering wheel brand
– Commodo BREVEX 
– Sleeping seats 
– A mascot

Among the latest charges performed, a complete overhaul, upholstery, brakes and fuel tank.

The vehicle is sold with a french valid “Contrôle Technique” .

Its price: 48 000 €

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1991 VOLVO 780 V6 COUPE BERTONE / €9500


Volvo has a long tradition of coupes like the P1800 or the 262C. 

For his new big coupe based on the family 740/760, Bertone is again requested. Unlike 262C, Bertone is in charge of design and manufacturing.

The main market of this car remains the United States, main consumers of large coupés.

Unveiled at the 1985 Geneva Motor Show, it will be produced from 1986 to 1990 with 9086 copies of which 70% will be destined for the American market. 
It is equipped with a complete equipment for the era including seats, mirrors and electric sunroof, air conditioning, ABS, on-board computer, high quality hi-fi, airbags …

Like the 740/760, the 780 is a propulsion equipped with the V6 PRV 2.8 liters of 167 hp (which will increase to 143 hp following the new antipollution standards). 
A 129-hp 2.4-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine is also available. It should be noted that this is one of the first large diesel coupes. 
The price is rather elitist with a base of 315,900 francs in 1987, in other words, the same price as a Mercedes-Benz 300 CE, 30,000 francs more than a BMW 628 CSI, and 5,000 francs more than a Jaguar XJS V12.

In 1988, the 780 received an independent rear suspension.

1990 saw the arrival of a 4-cylinder turbo 200 hp. This year is added as an option the differential lock. The model discreetly leaves the catalog the same year. On the reasons of the relative commercial failure of the 780, there was first the prices quite high (because of the manufacture by a specialist bodybuilder) and the lines a little too massive. Nuccio Bertone himself ironically defines the Volvo 780 as “a truck in a party dress”.

And yet, that’s all that makes her charming!

The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is therefore this rare Volvo 780 V6 Coupé Bertone, a second hand from 1991 put into circulation in France, totaling 195 000 km.

Black color with black leather interior, it is equipped with an automatic gearbox, it has all the available options including the electric sunroof, heated electric seats etc … 
Presented in a remarkable condition with a robust and followed mechanics, the vehicle has a limpid history first owner who bought it new sold it in September 2017 to the current seller.

Among the latest work on the vehicle, the hoses were changed, the woodwork redone, dashboard switchs changed. 

The vehicle is serviced by a garage and is sold with a valid fench “contrôle technique”. 

However, it will be necessary to foresee the change of the sunroof seal and to put back the small headlights to make it perfect. 
The high mileage could scare but it is a Volvo followed.

A very beautiful car, luxurious that will allow you to stand out by its rarity and have fun driving.

Its price: 9 500 €

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1965 MERCEDES 230 SL (W113) PAGODA /€39700


The Mercedes-Benz Pagoda (codename: W113)  was designed by French designer Paul Bracq and produced between 1963 and 1971.

Pagode succeeds the legendary Mercedes-Benz 300 SL and Mercedes-Benz 190 SL after the presentation of the 230 SL at the 1963 Geneva International Motor Show.

The range was summarized in three types of cubic capacity

  • The 230 SL
  • The 250 SL
  • The 280 SL

True success, of the 48,912 Mercedes-Benz Pagoda built, 34,215 were exported outside Germany, including 19,440 (or 40% of production) in the United States.

The silhouette of the Mercedes-Benz Pagoda has not changed during the eight years of production. Some apparent details nevertheless allow to differentiate them:

Among the standard equipment on the 230 SL

  • 14-inch wheels (only first series).
  • Disc brakes at the front; Drum brakes at the rear.
  • Chrome rearview mirror.
  • Handle on the driver’s door (removed in November 1963 with the appearance of large armrests).
  • Hood with metal hubcap (on the first models).
  • Chromed window lifter cranks then assorted to the upholstery in November 1965.
  • Inclined position of the spare wheel in the trunk on the left side.
  • Wheel covers in 2 parts (chrome collar).
  • Tank of 65 liters and 82 liters from November 1965.
  • ZF 5 speed gearbox available as an option from August 1966.

Produced from March 1963 to January 1967, 19,831 copies (11,726 vehicles went abroad, 4,752 in the United States).

The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is therefore this Mercedes 230 SL 1965 convertible pagoda with manual gearbox. 

The main problem of these cars being corrosion, this one is exempt from it according to its salesman. 
However, a revision of the mechanics and braking system is to be expected. The leather seats need a very slight pigmentation to restore its charm while maintaining its patina.

It is sold with its soft top, hard-top and a French “carte grise de collection”.

In short, a very nice car, very affordable that needs some care before taking the road in all serenity, a very nice opportunity to get an icon !

Its price: 39 700 €

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To replace the Jensen C-V8, the British manufacturer Jensen Motors is moving towards a solution external to the company. 

It entrusts the realization of the exterior design of the Interceptor to the Italian company Carrozzeria Touring and establishes a partnership with this company for the production of the bodywork. 
To fulfill its commitment, Carrozzeria Touring is getting closer to Carrozzeria Vignale to secure the contract. 
The delays grow and the quality does not follow, dissatisfied, Jensen finally repatriated the production of the Interceptor in England. 

For the engine, Jensen chooses a V8 from Chrysler to equip his car. 
Several versions delivering different powers will be offered for sale during the commercial life of the Interceptor.

The Mark II version is available for sale in October 1969, with a slightly revised style around headlights, grille, bumpers and taillights. The interior has been significantly upgraded to meet US regulations and the dashboard is redesigned. Air conditioning is optional.

There are several sales figures depending on the sources. According to Heon Stevenson, 6407 Jensen Interceptor and 320 Jensen FF were produced

The Ad

The ad that caught our attention is this rare 1971 JENSEN INTERCEPTOR Mark II released in the United States. In very good condition of presentation with 60 000 km on the meter.

Burgundy color with a beige leather interior, it is equipped with a 330 HP V8 Chrysler, automatic transmission, power steering and disc brakes front and rear.

Free from corrosion with a straight frame, it is sold with its record book. 
A vehicle in very good condition that deserves our full attention.

Its price: 48 500 €

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1993 PORSCHE 965 TURBO 3.6L 360HP /156500 €


The first generation of Porsche 911 Turbo appeared in 1975, with the internal code 930. 
It evolved in parallel with the second generation of Porsche 911. This evolution has continued until the current generation, with the same major technical evolutions as the Atmospheric model: transition to liquid cooling, multi-valve, direct injection and evolution of gearboxes.

After the renewal of the normal 911, which becomes the 964 type, Porsche waits about a year before launching the Turbo version in 1990. 
This generation saw two different versions:
The 3.3  L  (320  hp at 5 750  rpm) min  / 450  Nm  at 4,500  rpm  ) and the 3.6  L  (360  hp at 5,500  rpm  / 520  Nm  at 4,200  rpm ). 

These two versions are differentiable by their name, respectively 964 Turbo and 965 Turbo. The latter has often been considered by purists as one of the most difficult to drive.
Neither of them offered any driving assistance except ABS, and were strict propulsions with a limited slip differential. 

The 3.3 L version accelerates from 0 to 100  km/h  in 5 seconds, while the 3.6 Lversion only requires 4.8  s .

The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is this beautiful Porsche 965 TURBO 3.6L 360 hp put into circulation in October 1993. 

Light gray color and full black leather interior, it totals 158000 Km. 

Its service book is up to date. 
For the sale, the service was carried out with the draining of the gearbox and the transmission. 

The tires have also been changed as well as the brakes that are new.

Its mileage may be a bit high for such a sought after model but this model is rare and in a very good shape for its age. If you are looking for a 965, it may be a great opportunity not to miss!

Its price: 156 500 €

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The Alfa Romeo Montreal is a sports coupe from a study of Marcello Gandini style, then employee of Bertone. The car was presented at the Montreal World’s Fair in 1967, hence the name of the model. The goal is to create and expose: ”  The massima aspirazione dell’uomo in fatto di automobili” – the highest ambition of the man in the matter of automobile .

3,925 units were produced between December 1970 and July 1974 and marketed until 1977. 

The highlight of their characteristics is their engine, a 90 ° V8, with a displacement of 2,593  cm 3 , four camshafts in head (two per row of cylinders) and a power of 200  hp  DIN. 

This engine comes directly from the Alfa 33’s 2-liter V8, with a bore to increase its engine capacity to 2.6 liters. 

Its mechanical injection Spica / Alfa Romeo AIBB 8C S75 was powered by two Bosch fuel pumps, it is also equipped with an electronic ignition and a dry sump, but lost the double ignition of the racing engine and its crankshaft plan .

A ZF 5-speed manual gearbox coupled to the engine drives the rear wheels via a rigid axle and axle (that of the Bertone coupé, with self-locking), guided by an upper T-arm. 
This box was, unlike the Alfa boxes, very robust. since the problems of sync rings have only rarely appeared. 
In addition, the first gear was in the lower left, unlike the Alfa box, the second and third respectively in the middle up and middle down, which facilitated a quick transition from the second to the third, important in sporty driving.

Relatively light, 1,270  kg  the full facts, for a length of 4.22  m , in terms of performance it was well above average in his day, except for cars much more sophisticated and expensive (Ferrari, Lamborghini) , or the American “muscle cars” with their delirious powers and hair-styling sensations.

The Ad

The Ad that caught our attention is this Alfa Romeo Montreal put into circulation on December 31, 1972, one of the 3737 Montreal left-hand drive!

The vehicle is sold with an Alfa Romeo Classiche certificate certifying that it is matching Numbers and colors (Metallic green / Beige Havanna interior)

Mechanically, the ignition, the exhausts, the thermostatic sensor, the silent blocks, the draw bars of the nosewheel and the tires Michelin XWX 205/70 / VR14 are new!

The body was completely stripped to bare metal, the sills and the left front floor were redone. 

The body has been completely treated against corrosion. The water evacuation system in the wheel arches has been improved. 

The car has been completely repainted in its original shade. 

This is a great opportunity because of its sale price but also its external condition (corrosion is the main problem of Montreal).

Its price: € 50 000

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