1969 Porsche 911 2.5 ST /€139000


The 911 2.5 S/T has been developed for customers to use in Group 3 (GT Vehicle series) and Group 4 (modified GT vehicles). It was available in limited numbers via the Porsche Sports division of the time. It cost 49 680 marks at the end of 1971. The 911 2.5 s is a serial version modified from the 911 2.4 s Coupé. It was designed to be used on race circuits for the Targa Florio or the 24 hours of Le Mans, as well as in rallies, which cost an extra 19 000 marks. It was modified in strict accordance with the international sporting regulations.

The ad

The ad that caught our attention is therefore this 1969 911 2.5 S/T , quite rare model, with twin ignition and heated windshield.

This vehicle is sold with a normal “carte grise” and a valid FIA-group 4 PTH/HCV Passport.

Its price: 139 000 €

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1991 Lotus Elan M100 se /€12500


The Lotus Elan M100 is a two seater convertible. It is equipped with an original Isuzu turbo engine at the front, a steel beam frame with polyester shell. It is a traction, it also exists without turbo in England.

The first copies were manufactured in 1989. It’s the 100 type. Launched in the midlle of recession the Lotus Elan M100 has met little success compared to its production costs. When General Motors sold Lotus to Bugatti in 1993, the latter ended this model (S1 series). Nonetheless, the M100 is an excellent model with formidable performance!

The ad

The ad that attracted our attention is therefore a LOTUS ELAN M100 SE of 84 100 km registered on March 21th 1991 Exterior color metal grey with a red leather interior.
The hood is new.
The vehicle in very good condition according to its seller and the “contrôle technique” is valid.

Its price: 12 500 €

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1948 Delahaye Type 135 m Guillore / €99000


The Delahaye type 135 was produced between fall 1935 and 1952.

Very successful, the type 135 was sold more than its competitors, the Bugatti 57, the Hotchkiss 20 CV Grand Sport (686 GS), the Salmson S4 E or the Talbot-Lago Baby.

During his long career, the type 135 will experience some evolutions: at the Paris Salon 1936, the gearbox Cotal with planetary trains and electromagnetic control is available as an option; In spring 1937, the grille and headlamps become bulged and for models 1949 the grille is of type 175 with horizontal strips.

Under many variants of bodywork, the type 135 has won numerous competitions of elegance bodywork by Antem, Chalmers, Dubos Frères, Faget-Zyl, Figoni & Falaschi, Franay, Gorai, Labourdette, Pawar and Saoutchik. 

The ad

The ad that caught our attention is thus a type 135 M of 1948 transformed by Guilloré.

The vehicle is described as being in very good condition by its owner, the engine was completely redone and the interior is original, a beautiful car, very Exclusive.

Its price: 99 000 €

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Jaguar C TYpe Proteus/€60000


Following the relative success of the Jaguar XK120s at the 1950 Le Mans 24hr race it was realised that, with minimal engine tuning, a lighter chassis and a lightweight aerodynamically revised aluminium body shell the car would have a very real chance of success against its infamous opposition and thus the XK120C or C-Type was born. The C-Types were completed in time to compete in the 1951 Le Mans 24hr. At one point in the race the Jaguars held first, second and third place and it was only mechanical teething issues that prevented that from being the final result.

With such an icon marque as the Jaguar C-Type it was inevitable that companies would seek to produce recreations. The highest quality of these recreations was offered by Proteus. The company was established in 1985 by Jim Marland in Lancashire and they are still in existence today.

The Ad

The ad that caught our attention is this C Type very well built and presented in an British Racing Green color.

The donor car, a Jaguar Mk2 3.4 in perfect working order, was the basis of this recess. In addition to the rack and the shock absorbers provided by Proteus, the vehicle uses all Jaguar components and the bodywork is equipped with an all-aluminum cell with the front and rear fibre sections.
Sold with a French “Carte Grise” and a valid “Contrôle Technique”. This racing car in good condition will provide you exceptional driving sensations and, without a doubt, will turn heads on all roads.

Its price: € 60 000

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1991 BMW E31 850i-ci v12 / €13800


Known as the E31 Code, the BMW 8 series is a high end GT coupe.
On its way out, the series 8 is avant-garde in terms of luxury and comfort.

Designed by Claus Lutee, it is marketed in the fall of 1989 as the 850i, the second car of the brand to be equipped with a V12 engine.
In the fall of 1992, the 840Ci V8 engine, which is less expensive, expands the range to make the 8 series more accessible.
Finally, a more sporty version prepared by Motorsport, the 850CSi, will complete the offer from 1992.

The ad

The ad that caught our attention is this BMW 850i of 1991 which presents well and in perfect working order according to its owner.

The maintenance book is present and complete, the double of the keys is also present.

As a reminder, the list of equipment of the model:

-Electric sunroof
-electric mirrors
-heated rear window
-sport chassis
-metallic paint
-17 inch aluminum wheels
-2-wheel drive
-steering wheel and leather knob
-power Steering
-CD audio system
-Sport 3 Branche Steering wheels
-Electric windows
-Rear ski door
-automatic air-conditioning
-electric heated seats
-automatic gearbox
-centralized electric locking system
-tinted windows
-adjustable height and depth steering
-rear headrests
-regulator Speed
-Adjustable driver seat height
-fog lights
-mirror Int. Day/night Auto

The vehicle is regularly serviced and many recent expenses have been spent

The “contrôle technique” is OK and a maintenance service has been made for the sale.

The car runs perfectly, it travels any distance on the other hand, the reason for its attractive price is that there are some cosmetic elements to be perfect.

– Headlining needs to be restored
-A beautiful painting would be ideal to perfect the whole.

Knowing that the big black point of the series 8 is mostly mechanics, cosmetic problems are therefore minor hence our interest.

Its price: €13800

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1969 Lotus Europe Europa S2 1600 Collomb / €28990

The Ad

The Lotus Europa is a 2-seater central motor sports car manufactured between 1966 and 1975.
To follow up on the ad we had found a month ago (https://www.larevuedannonces.com/lotus-europe-europa-s2-type-54-de-1969-13-500-e/), a similarly model a little more recent ready to run has caught our attention.

It is therefore a Lotus Europe S2 Europa 1600 Gordini put into circulation on 14 February 1960 in France.

It is equipped with two Weber carburetors, the engine was prepared by Collomb, 100 CV for 700Kg

700 copies in the world with very little left-hand driving 

Its price: 28 990 €

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